Installing windows xp pro sp2 on very large hard drive

Hello, I finally registered because I have a stupid question I couldn't find the answer to.

I'm trying to install a slipstreamed windows xp pro with sp2 onto an older Abit BD-7r motherboard (Intel 845 chipset) with a 2.4 GHz P4. I haven't installed a floppy drive into the box because I feel they are pretty much useless at this point so I'm trying to format a 200GB Western Digital ATA 100 hard drive through the windows installation utility.

The motherboard detects the hard drive and has the most recent bios (circa 2003..), so anyone have any suggestions? You think getting a floppy drive and doing it the old fashioned way would work?

Thanks for the tips!
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  1. Umm, you didn't actually ask a question although I assume it's you can't format the hard disk. You've got raid on your motherboard and you still need a floppy to load the drivers for it (when Windows XP asks you to press F6) unless you've also got those slipstreamed. This is probably what's keeping you from formatting the drive.
  2. thanks!
  3. That looks like an IDE drive. Is that so?

    If yes; there is no reason for the install not to work. You can partition and format during the install.
  4. It's definately an IDE drive. I haven't installed the raid drivers for the board because I had constant hard drive corruption when using the additional IDE slots provided. I just have them disabled in the BIOS. I finally got a floppy drive though so I just need to hook it up to this box and try the raid drivers. I really can't see any reason it wouldn't either but it doesn't.. Hopefully this will work.
  5. If using a single hd, no need to install the raid drivers.

    Just set for Master (or Single) on the Primary IDE connection, making sure you are using an 80 wire data cable; blue end into the mobo - other end into the hd.
  6. Heh, thanks, I do know how to install a hard drive though. It is the only drive going into this box, but it isn't going in anymore. I swapped the drive into my main box and it works fine, and the 160 gig seagate drive works fine in the other box. I don't get it... meh, it's friday, the box works, time to relax. Thanks again.
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