Core 2 e6600 with msi p965 overclock Please Reply!!!!!!

Core 2 e6600 with msi p965 overclock.
I can only oc my e6600 to 353 fsb. Any higher, and windows bsod s. The computer will actually boot at 3.7 ghz, which is more than 400fsb, i believe. What can be the problem? I have read that my mobo does not have the bios strap to any thing over 350mhz fsb.

Here are my specs:

PSU: Antec neo 500w
GPU: EVGA 8800gts 640mb
CPU: Core 2 e6600
Motherboard: MSI P965 PLATINUM
Cooling: Titan Nikita water Cooling
HD: 2 western digital caviar 250gb raid0, 1 western digital caviar 500gb
CD drives: 2 LITE ON DVD burners
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  1. If i had to guess,I'd say the PSU.
    500W is extremely low for using a 8800GTX let alone OCing that much..3 HDs and 2 CD drives don't help in that front either.
  2. the psu is fine, it has 456 W on the 12v rails, which is 38 amps. a gts only needs like 26-28. what are your temperatures like, voltages, and etc?
    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide
    Core2Duo Overclocking Guide v1.1

    edit: no need for double posting, and this would have been better if posted in the overclocking section
  3. I have ruled out the processor as a problem (i swapped in another one).
    I lowered my ram frequency ratio so that my ram is not overclocked. It runs at 740 mhz versus the 800mhz it is supposed to run(pc6400). The only thing that I think can hold me back is the power supply or the mobo. I have heard some bad reviews fro my specific mob on the forums. CPU runs at 31c idle, 47 under load. According to CPUZ, processor runs at 1.128 vcore. I tried upping the voltage for some stability, but no luck. Any suggestions?
  4. Did you ever have any luck with this problem? I can't get my FSB stable above 333 with an almost identical system to yours. Would you mind telling me how you got as high as 353? I only started OC yesterday and I'm not really sure how high I should tweak things like CPU voltage etc. I did see one set of values that got as high as 375. I could pass them on for you but it was unstable on my system.
  5. Have you done the basics as far as setting all the manual settings you know. Mem timings and voltage, set the the mem/FSB ratio to 2. And your Vcore?
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply! I have so far done the following:

    1. Disabled SpeedStep.
    2. Set MPS Table to v1.4.
    3. Disabled auto RAM timings and set them at 4-4-4-12.
    4. Set FSB to 350Mhz.
    5. Add CPU V of 0.05.
    6. Set DRAM Freq at 533MHz (Adjusted Freq is 700. Not sure what that means).
    7. Set the NB Voltage at 1.34.
    8. Disabled Spread Spectrum.

    But this is totally unstable when I use ORTHOS to test the stability. It runs for ~2min then resets my computer. I tried the CPU only test and that was stable for 10+ min so I tried the RAM test and that crashed within 2min, identical to the full 'Blend' test.

    Here are my BIOS screens:

    Perhaps my memory is configured badly? Any help would be fantastic! Even just a description of the settings that differ from yours.

    Thank you!
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