New build problems...Is it the processor?

Hey everyone,

I just put together my first build and I am getting no video, no beeps, and the hard drive light stays on continuously. Now, 2 weeks ago I had this problem and tried all sorts of troubleshooting and there was never any change, always no video, no beeps, but power seemed to work fine. I thought it might be my motherboard was DOA (Gigabyte S3 Rev. 1 by the way), so I RMA'd it. Just got the replacement today and same exact problem...So, it's probably not the motherboard. Again, I tried connecting and disconnecting all sorts of the components, no change. I reseated the cpu, connected my old hard drives, tried each memory stick individually, tried no memory at all, reseated the vid card, tried no vid card at all...always no beeps, no display, constant hdd light.

So, this seems to be pointing me to the CPU (E4300). Now, I just checked and the S3 only supports the E4300 with the F7 bios, so I am wondering what happens if the preloaded bios is lower than F7 and I use the E4300. Should I expect beeps? Should it POST? If this does turn out to be the problem, will I be able to flash the bios even though the motherboard is not recognizing the CPU?

I have just waited 2 weeks for the replacement Mobo, and I really hope this is something I can fix without RMAing the CPU for a replacement and having to wait yet another 2 weeks for it to be replaced.

So please, I welcome any advice or suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. HA! Never mind. Please disregard this post in its entirety...Turns out I was being Assinine. I have put together my old computer many times, but it is old (dual celeron 400 MHz) and hence I had no experience with the 12V atx 4 pin power to the cpu....So I never connected it.

    So if anyone else ever has this problem, check the 12V cpu power....

    Jeez...................... :oops:
  2. I've done worse. no need to be embarrassed. View it as a badge of honor. :)
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