Quick Question about NCIX [Canadian Help PLZ lol]

I think I might buy from them since they will to that price check thing and I think i'll save then going to CanadaComputers in person.

Anywho, just wondering how to I do this price match with NCIX so I can match the prices with Direct Canada and save some cash. Also, would I have to call them to build it and they'll change me more? Cause I Added all the parts to my cart and all the shipping stuff comes to $3900 lol
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  1. First of all, if you are going to buy more than $2000 worth of parts from them buy a "Premier Partner" membership first. It costs $150, but it gives you prices just as good or better than DirectCanada, you will save the $150 back easily. It also gives you shipping and insurance and RMA benefits.

    To pricematch, put everything in your cart, under the cart is a button to "Start Price Match Session", go from there.

    List what you're buying so we can have a look at it. :wink:

    BTW, if you buy your case locally, you will save a bundle on shipping.
  2. I think they do charge extra to put the machine together, but I think its an option if you use their PC building thing on their site. I guess if you just want to submit a list of parts to them to build you could just email them, its around $50 or something.

    Do you live near one of their stores? If so, it would be best to go there in person, they have reasonably knowledgible staff, although they can get pretty busy so you may have to wait a while.
  3. Direct Canada won't charge for shipping on a case, if your total order is more than $300 and less than 100 lbs or something like that. Now, that's a helluva deal for Purolator, and their prices are lower than NCIX to begin with.

    gm0n3y......Malton?!? Port Credit here ;)
  4. I haven't dealt with Direct Canada before, how is their service and reliability? That is the one thing I like about NCIX, they have always accepted my returns, no questions. They aren't the cheapest though, even locally (to me anyways) www.atic.ca beats them more times than not (expecially on the basics: CPU, GPU, and HD).

    I'm not sure if I catch your "Port Credit" reference, the Malton I'm referring to is the ficticious Malton in the MMO UrbanDead (zombie apocalyse game, www.urbandead.com).

    EDIT: spelling
  5. I've never had a problem with Direct Canada, and I've used them, NCIX, Canada Computers, and Tiger Direct.

    Malton is a little suburb near the Toronto Airport.....thought you were there...... :oops:
  6. But the thing in my position is that DirectCanada I don't think would build it for me. So i'm guessing now with my Parts I can't have NCIX build for me unless I use their little builder thing. I might have no choice but to go to Canada Computers in person >_<
  7. I'd be too nervous to have a pre-built like that shipped across the country. Are you not willing to build it yourself?
  8. I duno how to build it myself and for an almost $3500 system I'd be afraid to blow it up lol
  9. SUP, i ordered my rig from ncix and i was cheap, the same parts at tiger totaled out to 300 bucks more and ncix delivers fast; for me at least. what r u buying? see if u can wait till the April price cuts take affect.

    L8er :)
  10. Building is actually very easy, as long as you do your homework first (you are in the right spot). However, if you receive a DOA part, it can be difficult to troubleshoot.

    I wouldn't really trust Canada Computers for building a system. I like their stores, their products, thier prices, but I don't like their staff. I have not found them very helpful in the past. I wouldn't trust them to build a PC.

    I would trust NCIX to build, their staff are great (only met them online). But as I said, I'd be leary of shipping a PC that already had cards, hsf, etc already plugged in.

    Finally, nobody will put as much care into building your PC as you will.
  11. I am going to wait till the April price cuts and maybe the R600 unless Nvidia releases 8800Ultra [or 8900gtx] whatever it may be Before the R600 comes out. I just wanna make sure I have and can order right away as soon as everything comes out at that time :)
  12. K this is a little test I did, does everything look fine? BTW, i really wanted the QX6700, but I had to put the 6800 in there, why don't they have the QX6700 in that list? Thats without the Price Matching, but I dunno if i'm allow to price match if I choose their PC Builder. I also notice they will Assemble for FREE if it's $2000 or more ^_^
  13. That looks really nice overall. A little extravagant in a couple of parts.

    Do you really need a QX6700?

    There are cheaper 8800GTX's.

    Corsair Dominator is overpriced.

    I tried the system builder, it will not let you price match it. :cry:

    But they do build it for free, you won't pay PST, and if you buy a premier partner membership you'll save a ton, and if it's over $3000 still the shipping would be free as well.
  14. Yeah I really do want the QX6700 hehe. I know, i just put that 8800GTX there cause I'm gonna be getting either their new one [8800 Ultra, or the R600].

    So how does that premier partner membership work anyway, what am I saving on if I'm paying for that lol Seems like its something where I'll save if I keep buying from them rather then Save money in the PC Builder.
  15. Gahhh Don't go 64bit Vista! Drivers are hard enough to find and games are just going to be trouble on 64bit. I have run XP 64 bit in my office as a gaming rig for a while now and it hasn't always worked well.
  16. hmmm really? I heard if I wanted to get 4gig later on that I would need the 64 edition and i figured i'm gonna get vista eventually lol is it really that bad? or were you just unlucky :P
  17. I haven't had any significant troubles with 64bit Vista. All my hardware has working drivers. The only thing I remember having to change was my AV because AVG free is not free for 64bit so I went with Avast AV, which is 64bit and free.

    I have a premier partership at NCIX. I put those exact parts in my cart, except I had to swap the XFX 8800GTX to a BFG 8800GTX OC, usually $150 more. I come out at over $200 less than you, without pricematching. :wink:

    Where you really save is all the little extras, cables, fans, disks, etc. They are really cheap with the membership.
  18. So the way it works is that I buy their premier membership thingy, and then make my purchase?
  19. Yes, it could take a couple of days to get it on your profile, once it appears you're good to go. Forgot to mention, orders over $3000 you don't pay for shipping.

    If I were you I would ask them if you buy the parts individually if they would build it. I dunno if they would or not.
  20. k All together with DirectCanada's price, it came to $3,572.24. So if I payed a local store maybe $50-$100 to build it or something, would that still be cheaper then NCIX?

    CanadaComputers came to $3,863.75 [Because I'd have to pay PST, but of course I'd be able to go to Hamilton and go into their store and have it built]. I'm thinking that it might be a rip-off is I payed for their premier membership at NCIX cause I am paying $150 to save on some prices where it would only knock off 20 or 30 here and there, where it might be cheaper to do the Price match and probably end up cheaper.

    Edit: This is what the NCIX custom PC thing came to:

    Check Out Summary
    Shipping & Handling: $63.30
    Shipping Insurance: $107.86
    Subtotal: $3,766.51
    GST(6%): $225.99
    YOUR TOTAL: $3,992.50
  21. ATIC......not bad. What's their shipping policy for charges, etc? Some of their prices are pretty good, some meh.

    Trunkz.....not sure if a local company would build a system like that for $50 or $100. It would take alot longer to do it justice (cabling, etc). Plus, they wouldn't want to be on the hook for any repairs, warranty, etc for only $100, given the value of your system.

    I sure wouldn't do it for $100, and a company would charge alot more than I would.....they're out to make profit and cover their warranty/liability.

    You gotta factor that in.
  22. ATIC is kind of annoying to deal with. I've never purchased online with them since I live in Vancouver, but when I go into their store it can take over an hour to just buy one part. They are crazy busy sometimes and have almost no staff (and always work slowly). I don't think their return policy is very good either, but on parts like CPUs and HDs, it is often 30% cheaper than anywhere else I can find (plus its local for me so no shipping). I've bought probably 2 or 3 thousand $ worth of equipment from them and have never had to take anything back. They're basically a crappy little store that sometimes has extremely cheap prices (I usually check weekly there when I'm looking for parts).
  23. I don't think its been mentioned in this thread but DirectCanada is run/owned by NCIX and they have the same warehouse.

    I believe the big difference is in the level of service. DirectCanada is very scaled down compared to NCIX (website, RMAs, service and such).
  24. I forgot about that, they probably don't mind price matching between them then.
  25. Well so far I might just go with NCIX, even tho I feel like i'm gonna be losing out unless DirectCanada somehow decide to build it for me lol
  26. The only difference is that you're essentially paying for your build. NCIX has a pretty good reputation for customer service, so I say go for it!
  27. K i sent them a message at NCIX and I got this:

    Dated Mar 29, 2007 at 02:08 PM reply from Ncix Support

    Hi Colin,
    Just one of the following sku numbers to the shopping cart if you'd like to have system assembly for it:
    sku: 7842 for assembly with os installation for $50, when if it is purchased with a system
    sku: 12072 for assembly with no os installation, for $25

    So I just tons without using their PC Builder. All together it comes to $3,572.24 from DirectCanada so if I can price match that from NCIX +25 to install the parts
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