How to limit other users ability to install things.

My new desktop will be coming on WED and I will be giving this Laptop to my sister and mother to use. I bought it in 2009, loaded with Windows 7 and it still runs like a dream perfect for what they would use it for. I was wondering what kind of precautions can I take to limit their ability to run exe files or to install things when I'm not arround b/c there desktop is a mess.....half of the browser window is full of search engine know the drill when it comes to family computers. I'd really hate to give them laptop and see them turn it into crap.

Educating family members on what not to do never last long in my experience.
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  1. put password to your own account, and create a non-administrator account for them, go to control panel and find parental controls, and you can play from there.
    I know it's kinda frustrating to set parental controls for your mom, but it's really the easiers way
    There might be software on the net that lets you achieve similar things, but they'll probably "mess up" your system which is what you don't want.
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