Changing a folder's name text colour.

Well, as the title suggests, how do i change the colour of the text in a folder's name created in windows xp pro?

Many thanks, Phil.
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  1. You can't :(
  2. I've seen it done though in work.
  3. You can't in XP alone. After a google search I found this, it's the utility from 98 that let you customize folders such as text color.


    Hope that helps ya
  4. Was the text colour blue ?
    XP has an inbuilt folder compression option (right click folder, properties, advanced, compress contents to save disk space).

    You can then set your folder view to display compressed folders in blue (Tools, Folder Option, View, Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in colour)

  5. Ahhhh, is that what it is? Just tried it and it works just like i wanted. Although, if i compress the folders to display the text as blue, could this damage the file contents, such as music files?

  6. It will only slow things down a little as the operating system has to decompress the data when accessing it. Never seen it corrupt data.

    MP3s, Movies (DivX or Xvid) and JPEGs are all very compressed already so you won't gain much space. Compression works best on office docs (word, excel ...), text files and some databases.

    After compressing a folder you can afterwards right click and get properties to see how much space has been saved.

  7. Impossible :(
  8. you can get green if you encrypt the file/folder :P
  9. Hi there

    There is a way to change the Folder and File Fonts...

    Create a hidden file with the name desktop.ini in the folder with this content:


    I'm not shure what all lines are for but I found out why the writing was in white...

  10. You can.

    With Xentient Labels, but is shareware and I would like to find a freeware.

    Do you know one for this purpose
  11. SerPan said:
    You can.

    With Xentient Labels, but is shareware and I would like to find a freeware.

    Do you know one for this purpose

    Yes, freeware is called "Desktop Icon Toy". V4.6 is what i just downloaded. Under "options" you have to "disable text drop shadow to allow changing color", then select "Miscellaneous" > "change text color". Works perfectly.
  12. With Desktop Icon Toy you can't .

    It's only for icons in the desktop.

    It's not the same.

    Best Regards

    And is shareware. It's not freeware.
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