Help!! Can't run exe files!!!

I ran NAV2001 last night and it said I had a virus .. fine. It was one that infected my exe files or something. So then I quarantined them or whatever it asked me to do. Now I can't run any exe files (they are still there) but it won't execute ANY, not even if I unzip one and try it. It says that the file isn't there or one of the components (what are they??)

If I put in the Win2K cd and say "browse this cd" I can use explorer just fine, but I can't use explorer off windows..?

I have tried re-installing Win2k but I still have the same problem (all settings remained though, so it was just trying to upgrade?). Is there anything short of formatting my drive to fix this? What do I have to re-install?

I can't even run NAV now, so I'm basically helpless .. I should have just left that virus on, because it wasn't do anything harmful anyway that I have noticed. NAV on the other hand has totally screwed everything. HELP!! :(

ps. I only have Net connection at work here, since my computer is virtually down now. please help by today if you can so I can fix this problem over the weekend!


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  1. With such severe damage even if you were able to restore some system or program files, you wouldn't have any other option to repair except boot from CD, delete the Win2000 partition, then create again, format and clean install everithing from scratch. Before formatting check for FDISK /MBR.

    I don't see any other solutions, they might just waste your time.
  2. I still have a lot of stuff on my drive that I have to back up first (I was actually in the middle of doing that when I ran the stupid NAV in the first place). Do you think it would work if I just deleted the Winnt folder?

    Grrr also doesn't help that I think my FDD controller is dead so I can't even use the A: at the moment! How I'm going to install drivers and such is beyond me ..
  3. You are in a pickle. NickM suggested the best solution. Deleting the WINNT folder wont solve your problem. If you have a spare drive lying around, you can always format and install 2000 on it. Slave your other drive, and pull any neccesary files over. This can be a hassle, but it might save you from loosing some important data. Then you can start over fresh with the drive that is corrupt.
  4. dont forget to scan the files that you move over- you may end up going round in circles.

    Next time you wave - use all your fingers
  5. NO WAIT!
    u cant run exe files, but if u rename them to .com u can run them.
    But u don`t need to do that. When that happende to me i went to the Symantec web site and on the frontpage they had a tool that removed the virus that infected me, and it talked about not being able to run exe files. I cant remember very well.
    I know that i downloaded this tool:
    i ran it and then after the reboot everything was ok. I think it is some Norton protection.. dunno quite well

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