How to resolve the issue of acpi win 7 on optiplex gx1?

How to resolve the issue of acpi win 7 on optiplex gx1 800Mhz? Although I have turned on the ACPI option in the BIOS but still Win 7 not installing, giving the error of computer not ACPI compliant. Any solution to bypass this issue. Thanks.
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  1. How old is this PC? Are we talking P3? will it even run W7?
  2. Yeah it is PIII. RAM is 768MB and Processor is 800Mhz 512kb cache.
  3. good luck running win 7 on that!
  4. area51 and mi1ez are right... I doubt you will be able to effectively run Windows 7 on that old machine.

    Time for a new machine...
  5. OK! thank you for your input. I am running Vista on different machine with same configuration but different make Compaq. And I have heard that it is lighter than Vista so just wanted to try it, secondly I'll be upgrading it to 1.4 celeron. What do u think? Apart from this Pl. suggest any old configuration which runs Win 7 with all its features. Thanks. I appreciate your opinion.
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