Nero 7 Premium error "cannot connect TRF"

I didin't do nothing(update or something)all of a sudden when i try to burn any data format(audio video etc) i have this error "cannot connect TRF"
I have enough RAM 2x512 Dual,and 2gig virtual memory
I install-uninstall twice the Nero7(the same problem)
I try with repare and is not working(some DLL is missing)
Update the program(the same problem)

Any suggestion??
Is there anything to do??
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  1. Salut!
    Here is what I did for a quickfix...
    Burn all your stuff with UDF instead of ISO standard. In nero when U select the type of disc (data audio etc) in the list, almost at the end there is "Data - UDF" or something like that.
    That's about it! Worked for me!
    PS: In my case even the Windows write cd tool did not work. Have no clue about the problem. Came out of nowhere and hit me like a brick.

    Hope it helps!
  2. how much ram do you have?
  3. 512MB DDR. The system uses up to 200 of this for different stuff. It can't be the RAM though... This is the office computer. No software was installed, no parts upgraded... and before yesterday the CD-RW worked well. This came out of the blue... Software related... i'm pretty sure.
    Any other ideas?

  4. set your page file twice the ram size and see if that helps.
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