C:$Extended$ObjId is corrupted - please help

note: after you read this, you should mention that my english grammer is very poor because english is not my mother language, but you still can understand what i meant.

my computer says somewhere in C:$Extended$ObjId have a problem that is recommanded to run chkdsk.

when i rebooted and chkdsk ran automatically before starting windows. it displayed the following messages:
Inserting an Index entry into index $O of file 25.
Inserting an Index entry into index $O of file 25.
Inserting an Index entry into index $O of file 25.
it seemed to run a million times, but i could cancel the process and boot into win xp

every thing remains what it had been. i can even play a game without any problems, but i can't move, delete or copy the files or it will say the file is corrupted.

what should i do with this problems? is there any solution to fix the problem without formatting the disk? can i solve the problem just simply re-install windows?

thank you!!
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  1. exerp;

    The class ObjID is used to identify remote objects uniquely in a virtual machine over time. Each identifier contains an object number and an address space identifier that is unique with respect to a specific host. An object identifier is assigned to a remote object when it is exported.

    Just guessing but, try shutting machine down, unplug and push start to clear energy off motherboard. Restart go to safe mode, administrator and run disk check full
  2. you helped me a lot. i've done what you said and successfully solved the problem!!

    but why? i thought it was a MFT problem
  3. hi i have the same problem recently, can't delete any files because of it.

    my computer won't boot in safe mode?

    what can i do?
  4. how about put the hard disk in another computer (also running xp), or boot your computer into windows off another hard disk, then run chkdsk on the problem drive?
    alternatively, use a disk maintenance prog boot cd (partition manager perhaps?) and boot off that, then run diagnostics to fix your hard disk without booting into windows.

    $Extend$ObjId is an NTFS metafile - it won't ever show in explorer.
    This article explains them:
  5. Hello,

    I'm new here and I've got the same problem.
    I've done CHKDSK.
    and on a certain moment the computer keeps saying
    "can't put index $0 in file 59206"
    It's a free translation, but I hope someone understands the problem.
    It's a laptop so I can't put the harddisk in an other computer.

    I hope someone can help me.
  6. I have this exact same problem, but on a parallels virtual pc on a mac.

    Did you ever get a fix?
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