need input on proposed side panel mod


i have a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 and currently my case cooling consists of 1-140mm Fan intake from the front and 1-120mm fan exhaust at the PSU also has 2 fans, unfortunately, it doesnt aid in relieving the case temps as there arent any holes in it (see pic here:
and the fans arent configured to aid in removing heat from the CPU

im planning to have my side panel modded..basically i want to add 2 intakes that will blow air to the GPU and the NB heatsink and maybe exhaust holes (no fans) at the top to provide extra escape for the hot air inside the case

heres a pic of my mobo for reference

i cant provide pics of the actual setup, but the cables are pretty neatly placed

what do you think gurus? will improve air circulation? or will it interfere with the current flow?


this is also in anticipation of my upgrade to an 8600GTS or 8800GTS 320mb as i heard that the latter produces much heat..

btw, my current 7600GT also runs hot (52-55c idle..dunno about load temps though)
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  1. unfortunately, im limited to side panel mods (im not the one who will actually do this, there is a mod shop that does mods here but only side panels)

    will those 5mm holes help vent away the hot air? (as shown in pic)

    or how about i only add 1 intake on the lower end and replace the 5 mm vents on top with an 800mm exhaust?

    edit..i did notice around 2-3c temp drops when i replaced the 80mm exhaust fan with a 120mm exhaust fan
  2. ok thanks, ill look into that..if not, i might just line up more vents on the upper part of the side panel :) oh, i think the PSU fan is doing its job at eliminating heat buildup on the topmost part of the case..(see PSU fan location on image)
  3. If you are going to make a hole in the case, you need to remove everything from it, motherboard, PSU, etc., because of the danger of metal shavings shorting out something.
    You do not need to do the same if you are modding only the side panel.
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