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I'm looking for a new keyboard (been using just very low end cheapos thus far) that can last me a while.

I would be using it for work and some gaming, and basically it would be getting a very heavy level of use.

I don't care much about extra frills, lcd, backlit, macros etc.. I'm more concerned with responsive keys that won't stick after a lot of use.

Anyone who has a keyboard like that, that has been used a lot and is still very responsive without wearing out the keys?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Check out the enermax aurora kb... Wish I could get one here in AUS.

    Definitely designed to be durable, but doesn't have any fancy gaming features at all.
  2. This is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for, much appreciated.

    Does anyone have any experience with this keyboard?
  3. I have had my logitech keyboard for 5 years now heavy gaming and use and it still isn't sticky and the letters are still like it was new. Mine was is multimedia type keyboard. Some people like the saitek eclipse boards but am not sure on those.
  4. To be honest, keyboards are so cheap and durable you best bet is to go around to all the "big box stores" in your area and try one out for size. Chances are that you'll have it for 3-5 years before it needs replaced.

    It's a classic example, but most keyboards you can spill a whole can of soda on them, let it dry and they still function perfectly.

    Beyond that you might check out the small business department of HP or Dell. They might sell a high end, "survive a nuclear winter" keyboard :)

  5. Dude :D
    The "El Primo" keyboard of the lot is this CVT Stellar

    I've been using the original Northgate Omnikey Ultra for some 12 years now and it's still going strong, although it did originally cost me $259 USD ... choke, choke, but then my Intel 486DX-100 cost $550 and the 4MB x4 RAM for it was ~$500!! (My current cpu, Opty154 @ 2.83GHz only cost $260!)

    When Northgate went out of business CVT bought their IP and now produce the identical functional design with updated manufacturing materials-techniques ... and they are lower cost :) Whenever my original Omnikey Ultra croaks I'll definitely replace it with the CVT Stellar.
  6. ive been using one of the apple pro keyboards for the last 3 years. i play at least 3 hours quake 3 every day and have done for the last 3 years and this keyboard is still going strong. highly recommended and smooth keys...and they look great :D
  7. I loved my MX3100 Wireless KB+M. It lasted 1.5yrs until my PC fried it.
    I wish they still made the kit, because my replacement the MX3200 sucks horribly.

    I got the MX3100 kit which comes with a MX1000 laser mouse for $54 after MIR on Christmas sale. My best deal ever, marked down from 150 :)

    I would try to see If I could try out a Saitek Eclipse or a Logitech G11 or G15. I remember reading a budget keyboard roundup on PCMag, and the $22 Logitech Media won out.

    As the other guy said, you dont know until you try. Keyboards are like speakers in that way I guess.

    good luck
  8. I have always liked IBM keyboards.
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