Window's won't install

I have to toss this question out there because I feel like I'm losing my mind. I finally collected all my computer parts so I put everything together and tried installing windows xp. Everytime I get to the end of the copy screen "windows is copying files" I get a blue screen crash and I have to start over.

Now I read somewhere that if pci-e is enabled I'll have to turn that off if I'm installing any version other than sp2 but from the way the bios is setup it looks like it's already defaulted to be off. What else could it be? I have 2 copies of xp pro and it happens to both of them.

It also has problems with certain files trying to be copied sometimes while I'm in the process of this.

My setup is
DFI Lanparty nf4 sli
Opteron 175
Corsair xms 2gig
ATI 1900 xt 512
WD Raptor 76gig

Thanks for any help on this.
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  1. No one can help me? I'm at a loss for idea's. I'm going to try installing windows xp sp2 tonight and i think i found a link to better see where to disable the pci express just for the install that DFI recommended. Any other useful tips would be helpful.

    Would it be a bad thing to maybe install the OS on another computer and just swap the HD's?
  2. I'm not familiar with installation problems (everything always runs smooth for me muahaha!)


    I know it's a bad thing to install on another comp then switch out like that. The settings will be messed up and you'll prolly have a bigger mess on your hands. (assuming the comps arent identical...even if they were though I think it'll be a bad thing)
  3. Yea, I guess I'm just grabbing at straw's now. I've never had a problem installing till now either and I guess that's why it's so frustrating
  4. Sizzle, I feel your pain. I spent 3 hours last night trying to get XP to install on my new machine and it continued to give me the blue screen of death at some random point along the process. Several times I thought I had it going and it would get to 100% on the file copy portion of the process. However, each time it would give an error.

    ABIT KN8 Ultra
    AMD 64 3700+
    WD SATA Drive
    7800 GT PCI-x

    Anyone out there even have some suggestions on where to start?
  5. Well here's an update from my experiments last night. So i tried installing windows with service pack 2 on it and all seemed to run better but during the actual windows installation itself (beyond copying) i got the blue screen. I was beginning to think it was my cdrom cause that took a bit at times to get going so i swapped it out and tried a different one. Still the same thing.

    My next thought was maybe the memory was bad so i took 1 stick out just to get the basics going then maybe put the other in afterwords. It didnt seem to have as many of the problems as before so that made me think it was the memory. Windows finally finished up installing (with 1 stick) so i proceeded to update things just to see if it'd clean up. Now xp freezes every so often while in explorer and will reboot if i try and install anything more than drivers.

    Could it be my power supply? I did have problems with it at first before i got anything going but out of the blue i took it all out, put it back in and reconnected everything and it came on.

    But what I'm going to try tonight if i dont get any more feed back is swapping out the memory completely, swapping out the PSU completely with a new one, and finally swapping out HD's. if it goes past all those then I know I'll have to find a board or vid card
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