Can anyone confirm if this is a good setup for Complex use?

I am trying to configure a high performace system for video editing so I need the maximum performace possible. I have set my drives up as follows and want to know if I am doing anything stupid by haveing such a complicated system drive: :?:
250g System Drive:
Partition 1 = 40g System disk for WinXP pro
- use strictly for a safe, and stable editing enviroment w minimal software.
Partition 2 = 40g System disk for WinXp or Vista
- I plan on haveing a dual boot, so I can use this partiton as an experimental copy of windows to try out new software, maybe do web surfing only on this partition, use it for trying out Vista in the future.
Partition 3 = 170g Backup drive. Use this partition for Backing up old projects that are no longer in use. Storage of old video files, ect. Not for editing.
500g RAID 0 array of 2 S-ATA-II 250g hard drives for video editing only.
So will this cause me any forseable problems or performace slow downs over just having a simple 250g single boot of winXP? :?:

My system:
AMD Opteron 270s Dual Processor Dual Core
Tyan K8WE motherboard
2GB corsair ram. 4x 512mb
Nvidia Quadro FX540 professional video ed.
Audigy ZS 2.
250g system disk
500g RAID 0 array of 2x 250g. S-ATA-II.
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  1. should work for you just fine. Just make sure you dont store anything on the raid 0 without a backup.
  2. Totally agree.

    You could go for a Raptor if you want your O/S to load a little quicker but your setup looks fine.

    What you could do is set up a Microsoft briefcase on the RAID0 array and drag important stuff from your 1st HDD into the briefcase, then place a shortcut to the briefcase on your desktop. I have put stuff like: email file, Favourites, Personal docs, ghost image of C: ... in the briefcase. If my o/s drive craps out I have a backup. Just remember to synchronize the briefcase once in a while :wink:
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