Asus "Striker Extreme" problems:680i?, Bios?, Raid?,Memory?

I have been waiting for this mobo for a long time. However, most of reviews I have read have been less than favorable. Have all these problems been resolved? Is Asus shipping newer revised version?
A lot of individuals could only get it to work with one memory stick.
No sense in spending a lot of money and time in a mobo that requires a MEE to resolve all its woes. Any and all info is welcomed. Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Check the ASUS website for the most current version. Also check out ASUS and see if most recent BIOS addresses the problem. Personally, I never buy anything with know problems. ASUS makes loads of boards many with essentially the same features, I'm sure you could find another ASUS boards that has what you want with out his problem. There are also other good board mfgs
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