Another Side panel mod. Just a quickie though.

I have a coolermaster Praetorian. With an e6600 and an 8800GTX. Unfortunately the 8800 has blocked all the airflow from the front intake fans and i have had to take the dust filters off the front panels to lower temps (idle CPU 41 reduced to 36) .Unfortuneately my hard disks are getting a bit dusty so i propose installing a 120mm fan input on the side just in front of the zalman 9500 as per the diagram below

Just a few questions though.

1) will the new fan cause turbulence because it will be pulling air right in front of the zalman 9500. (their isn't much room)
2) do i need the top 92 mm fan (i will have to lose my audio and USB ports)
3) has anyone done anything similar, how good were ur results
4) can u forgive me for lying about this being a quickie
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More about another side panel quickie though
  1. cheers for the reply.

    I know the card isnt blocking all the flow but the card is so long it meets the hard drive and stops the cool air rising. So the only air getting up to the CPU is the air that circulates around the graphics card through the 4cm gap between it and the side panel. Plus the 8800 puts out a lot of heat and this combine with the hot Northbridge means all the air going to the CPU is 5 degrees above ambient.

    I will definately stick the new fan on the side panel coz i already have a 120 mm akasa fan that will perfectly suit. Plus i imagine the dominator RAM will love that.

    Quick follow up Q. To fan filter or not to fan filter.
  2. Thank u :D
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