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I recently bought an Asus G1 laptop running Windows XP Professional Media Centre Edition. The problem is, I cannot share files or join my laptop to a domain. I have another laptop, and two more desktops which all run Windows XP Professional only. Those three connect perfectly fine through a wireless/wired router. I have tried running a setup wizard on my G1. Even though it creates and new network... I cannot see the other computers. I've read on the ASUS forums that WinXP MCE cannot join domains. So I would like to know if there is anyway joining my G1 to the domain and share files and eccetra with the other computers.
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  1. Do you really mean joining a domain. That would require having domain controllers (e.g Active Directory). Do you mean joining a workgroup ?
  2. yea, sorry... well workgroup i should say then. But does anyone know how to get it going?
  3. You don't get authenticated when joining a workgroup so there should be no problem specifying the workgroup name. You will only be able to browse other machines in the workgroup if the workgroup name exactly matches the other machines and your I.P address is on the same subnet.

    How are you assigning the I.P addresses ? (DHCP ?)
    Can you ping the I.P address of one of the other PCs ?
    Are you using some sort of WEP, WPA for the wireless ?

    Does this article help ?
  4. yea, ip address is DHCP... closest i got it working, it said.... limited or no connection... i tried repairing, but it cannot repair IP. Anyway, i tried both wireless and wired. Neither works. My wireless has a WEP, but I have already enabled my laptop access and gave it a WEP key.
  5. Can you ping the other PCs ?
    Do the eventlogs say anything ? (Start - Run - EVENTVWR)
  6. hmm, i'm gona try ping the otha comp.. soz, I ain't too good with networks :? . Anyway, what am I looking for in the eventlogs?
  7. No worries.
    I would simply look for any red errors in the eventlogs, i.e. the nasty errors :wink:
  8. ok, i checked the logs... i realised there are some red errors and so on. There were errors with DHCP, and about how my IP cannot be registered with the workgroup. :? I am very sure i made the workgroup name the same on both computers.
  9. okay, i have tried pinging the other comp.... i got REQUEST TIMED OUT. And no packets were recieved. :?
  10. You should be able to ping the other machine. Are you running a firewall ?
  11. well, on both desktop and laptop... i cannot ping each other. It just says REQUEST TIMED OUT. However, I some how managed to get my desktop to show my laptops icon within the workgroup. But I cannot access my laptop still through my desktop.
  12. Open a command and type "ipconfig/all" and post the output.

  13. sorry, output as in?
  14. The output from the command ipconfig/all.

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