not valid Win32 application ???

brother asked me to look at his pc and i cant open anything. tried to start at CMD and cant even get started to look at his system. His norton apperantly was turned off by 'outside' source. Does this sound like only solution is to wipe HD and re-install OS ? If so, how hard is it to wipe. Has a mass produced HPpavilion 523n.( i know, i told him to chuck it :lol: )
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  1. Does it work in Safemode ?

    If yes, try opening a DOS promp (Start - Run - CMD) and type:

    This will make sure all operating system files have not been tampered with.
  2. Note The Reason For the error "not valid Win32 application ???" is that the program you are probably trying to run is for 64-bit systems or for ARM; Sparc or whatever others there are.

    Secondly it could be a virus preventing you from running programs.

    To resolve the problem:

    Ok if you can get into safe mode follow what hubbardt posted before

    If not try one the following solutions:

    Option 1- When you computer is about to load the Windows Splash Screen press F8 and choose "Last Known Good Configuration" see if you can run the program now if that doesn`t work proceed to option 2

    Option 2- Get your Windows XP Cd and pop it in and boot from the cd.
    Then when it shows you "To recover windows using the windows recovery console press r" you should press "r" to repair.
    Wait 5 seconds then type the number of the installation of the Windows folder (ex. 1 for C:Windows) then type in the administrator password for that computer then type in:
    chkdsk /p[/code:1:261c541012] or
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