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One of the screws that holds the motherboard in place on the standoff is stuck in the standoff...any suggestions on how to correct this?
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  1. Hardware store should have extras. Bring an extra standoff and screw to be used as a size guide for the store to try em out to make sure its all correct.
  2. The mobo is in the case all standoffs are installed ...i cant get the mobo out because of 1 screw thats stuck
  3. happens to me a lot 'cause i want to tighten those darn screws too tight. just keep turning the screw, turning the standoff with it and unscrewing the standoff from the mb tray, then you can remove the board. Then use a pair of pliers to hold the standoff while you remove the screw.
  4. Thx Jeremy after a few tries i finally got the beast a new problem arises....i've got everything connected. 24 Pin Power + 4 Pin 12V. Sata Signal/Power to optical and hard drive. Pwr,Reset,Audo, USb , Firewire, LED's. PCi-E Power System fan,Back fan and cpu fan. Now when i try to turn it on nothing happens. No fans turning, no smoke or components blowing up :( what the heck is wrong now? any advice/tips/help would be appreciated thanks in advance!

    PSU-Corsair HX520W
    1 gig Ram
    7900GS Vid Card
    250GB Hard Drive
    Samsung Sata Dvd Writer
  5. First things first, make sure the switch on your psu is on and the psu is plugged into the wall (done both of those before). second, are you getting a light on the MB when it is plugged in? If there's no light, the board isn't getting power, or it's fried. If you get a light, but still nothing else, sounds like there's a possibility of your case power switch being plugged in the wrong place or backwards or something (done that before), or maybe the switch is broken. beyond that, i have no idea.
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