strange sound coming from graphics card

there is a high tone not like fan but like the sound s dying power transistor makes or some power supplies make. souds like a high pitch tone. i was wondering if i should try to get a replacement out of evga it is a 8800 gtx that is a few months old got the card within a few weeks of them coming out and had to replace the first one that died. i have extra cooling on the card it never peeks over 65C idle round 55C, NOTE. it is not a moded card but a 120 mm fan blowing at the card supplying fresh air that is about 22C.

i do have it overclocked but nothing extreme 650X1042 from stock.

edit. i forgot to add that it does not sound like a fan grinding or making the tone.
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  1. I actually have that sound coming from a Mac G5 tower on, I actually don't know what kind of graphics card it has, I think it's a x1600 pro or something, but it happens mostly when moving windows, especially when moving them between the two monitors. It's been doing this for a few years, and the graphics card hasn't died yet.

    Don't know if this applies to you, but it could help.
  2. Do you have an old card to try and swap to see if the noise goes away? If so, how long is the 8800's wty? Try to get it replaced before that ends.
  3. Do you have pets in the house?
    It sounds like a pet hair wraped around the fan spindle.
  4. no pets and i have the comp on my desk so nothing of size likely to get in there. and like other post said and i forgot to mention is that there is no sound when not in game. the sound gets louder as the frame rate dips like something on the card is under to heavy a load.
  5. You may call me crazy but last year I played a demo of a game that made my gfx (a GF 6800GT from MSI) send out a high pitched tone at the main menu in the game, the tone dissapered when playing but went back as soon as I went to the main menu. The tone did not come from any type of speaker inside the case or on the gfx. The final release of the game (I did buy it) does not give that strange side effect. I've never heard anything like that neither before or later on. Unfortunately I'm not sure about the name of the game but I think it was Galactic Civilizations II.
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