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Hi, everyone,

I have encountered this problem that is driving me insane. I need to preface this with saying that my experience with all things networking is very limited, so I might sound like a 'tard.

I have two machines, a desktop and a laptop, networked via a LinkSys router (desktop is wired; laptop wireless; not that it makes any difference, I don't think).
There are identical users on each machine, both with Admin privileges (members of Admin) and identical passwords.
I am trying to set-up file sharing for certain folders; Simple File Sharing is turned off
Sharing from Desktop to Laptop works fine - from my laptop, I can see desktop shares, edit them, and copy from them to the local folders on the laptop.
Sharing from Laptop to Desktop is broken somehow. Here's what works:
- I can see the shared folders and their contents
- I can read the files from the shared folders (e.g. play a music file in a player)
- I can delete files in the shared folders
- I can copy to the shared folders from the Desktop's local folders
Here's what does not work, and it's driving me bunkers.
- I can not copy a file from a shared Laptop folder to a local Desktop folder
- I can not copy a file from a shared folder to another shared folder.

Can someone tell me what's going on, please? Your help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Nobody? No thougts even?
  2. I've not seen this particular behavior before. I suspect it has to do with user privileges, since with a workgroup setup and XP Pro, things can get complicated as XP tries to sort out the privileges of who has logged into the shared folders.

    Go through the group privileges in detail and see if anything looks incorrect as to what users accessing the shares of the laptop are permitted to do.
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