anyone got a hiper 730W?

i'm looking at buying one to accomadate a 2900xtx when they finally come out, was wondering if anyones got one and if they can tell my if the amps across the 12v rails is up to scratch, can't find such nitty gritty specs on ebuyer, and as it has 4 12v rails i'm a little suspicious of whats actually on em

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  1. Yeah, I really hate where the modular cables go on that Hiper model. It looks clearly like it would create a problem with your CPU, HSF, Ram even. And running those cables everywhere does not really maintain good airflow on its behalf.
  2. Oh I know. I'm hatin' on the Modular model. I originally wanted it for the build I'm gonna be doing hopefully this April, but I thought about the cabling and I figured it would turn out to be a hassle, especially If I do watercooling.
  3. thanks guys, i'll look into that type m model and let you know how i get on with it in my build
  4. I was wondering this my self...
    I want a yummy new XTX or GTX when they hit the streets and prices go down. I just placed the order for a new PSU
    and I just wanted to know if anyone has this or has had any experience with it.
    In other words, I need the forums blessing.
    I currently have THIS
    PSU and I know it will not feed a new GPU.
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