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Wrong CPU speed displayed on startup?

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March 29, 2007 8:16:08 PM

I was upgrading my old pc which my son uses, with some 512 sdram pc133 memory and a new processor. It used to have Athlon 850MHz and I got a Duron 1600MHz for £20, the motherboard is a pcchips socket A.
When I changed the memory and the processor the memory displayed correctly, but the processor displayed Athlon 1.2GHz. After consulting the manual I discovered that back in 2001, 1.2GHz was the max and then had a look on the pcchips website for a bios update. I flashed the bios with the new update and it failed to flash resulting in me getting a new bios chip and having it flashed with the updated file.
It now displays Duron 1200MHz and when I go into the bios settings and change the cpu speed to 1600MHz, save, then reboot it hangs and will not load XP. A bit long winded I know, but has anyone any idea how I can get the correct cpu speed to display?
This isn't a state of the art pc by any means, but it does my lad for internet and msn.

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March 29, 2007 9:03:38 PM

Can you tell which mb it is excatly. Socket A when throught about 3 or 4 stages.

Is the FSB speed correct for the CPU. If it was original only 1.2Ghz it was probably a 100FSB board it may not support the correct speed, I'm not sure what the Duron 1600 should be.

If you can tell me the mb chipset that would help
March 29, 2007 10:17:57 PM

The MOBO is a pcchips M810LR and the manual states it supports 100/133MHz and the Duron 1600MHz processor is 266MHz, but I thought the BIOS flash would allow for a faster processor.
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March 29, 2007 10:29:23 PM

Unfortunaty it say the Duron is only supported at 200 (100) FSB, I would expect this it be fixed in the bios update.

However just to add to the problem there appear to be different versions of the motherboard (V8.0 8th revison?) It also does not support Thoroughbred cores, agian I'm not sure what core this duron was derived from. But the 1900+ has similar stats

I'm sorry I cant be more help but its not looking good
March 29, 2007 10:33:04 PM

I did a quick search. I don't see your MB listed to support the Duron 1.6 CPU:

CPU Support

Models list by CPU: Duron1.6G (64,266,Socket 462)

Model Chipset PCB Version Detail
M848LU SiS® 746 / 963L v1.2 more
M825LU VIA® KM266 / 8235 V7.2a more
M825G VIA® KM266 / 8235 V8.0a more
W30 SiS® 748 / 964 V1.1 more
M863AG SiS® 741 / 963L V1.5A more
M863G SiS® 741GX / 963L V1.5A more
M851AG VIA® KM400A / 8237 V1.5 more
M852 VIA® KT400A / 8235 v1.0 more
M825G VIA® KM266 Pro / 8235 v9.2a more
M851G VIA® KM400 / 8237 V1.5 more
M848A SiS® 746 FX / 963(L) V5.0 more
M863G SiS® 741GX / 964L V5.1A more

Edit: URL will still work if you copy/paste. :?
March 29, 2007 11:14:22 PM

as far as i remember any duron fater then 1.3ghz had an APPLEBRED core and all had FSB of 266
March 29, 2007 11:38:48 PM

Here is the bios flash update info for the board :

file name:030808S.rom check sum: E75Ah 1.Support AMD Duron CPU 1400,1600,1800
File name:030103S.rom check sum:8384h 1.Support EFST flash part
File name: 020913S.rom check sum: 618Ah 1.Fixed that DC-395U SCSI card can't boot from CDROM.
File name: 020815S.rom check sum: 6A23h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+.
File name: 020806S.rom check sum: 56C6h 1.Share memory will change to 8M after removing AGP VGA.
File name: 020507s.rom check sum: 18CAh 1.Fixed that showed wrong character in CPU PnP setup when using AMD Athlon XP 1500+,2000+ CPU
File name: 020415s.rom check sum: 0182h 1.Fixed that showed @ character in CPU PnP setup when using AMD Athlon XP 1500+,1600+ CPU.
File name: 020403s.rom check sum: DCAAh 1.Fixed serial mouse couldn't work properly when USB function for DOS is enable.
File name: 020226s.rom check sum: DD00h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2100+ CPU.
File name: 020206s.rom check sum: E754h 1.Support AMD Athlon(Thoroughbred) cpu XP1800 , X

Does this mean that the processor will run as a 1200MHz as opposed to its 1600MHz stated speed and would I be correct in saying it is because it has a 266MHz FSB as opposed to a 200MHz FSB?
March 30, 2007 12:12:37 AM

This is confusing to help you.

Do you know if you have the exact version for your board?

Reason why I ask, is there's allot of versions of that board.

Also from this quote:


* Please use the BIOS flash utility that published in the web site instead of the flash utility in CD driver "utility folder".
* Please do not update the BIOS if your system is running fine.
* Please do not update the BIOS if the BIOS patch doesn't pertain to your current problem.
* Please read the update description and special note carefully before updating the new BIOS.
* Unsuccessful BIOS flash may cause the system fails to boot up.
* Please make sure your M/B PCB version number at first then download the right BIOS for the upgrade.(How to recognize theM/B PCB version)

Did you look at the version number on your board?
March 30, 2007 12:42:15 PM

the version is REV 3.0.
The bios update appears to be the same for all the M810 boards.
March 30, 2007 12:52:37 PM

The MOBO is a pcchips M810LR and the manual states it supports 100/133MHz and the Duron 1600MHz processor is 266MHz, but I thought the BIOS flash would allow for a faster processor.

it look like that mainboard supports the Duron 1600Mhz,you just set the BIOS correctly,it will display 1600MHz
March 30, 2007 1:22:38 PM

Put Clock Multiplier at 12 (if changable)
Set Clock speed to 133.

March 30, 2007 8:48:15 PM

the version is REV 3.0.
The bios update appears to be the same for all the M810 boards.

Okay, I must be looking at something wrong. This is the list of CPU's it supports that I can find:

CPU Support

CPU Support list by Model
Model: M810L
PCB Version: V3.0

BIOS Version: 030808s

Processor Processor info. (Cache, System Bus, Pkg) Status
AthlonXP 2200+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES
AthlonXP 2100+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES
AthlonXP 2000+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES
AthlonXP 1900+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES
AthlonXP 1800+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES
AthlonXP 1700+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES
AthlonXP 1600+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES :?
Athlon 950 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 900 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 850 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 800 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 750 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 700 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 650 (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 1.3G (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 1.2G (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 1.1G (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Athlon 1.0G (256K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 950 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 900 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 850 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 800 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 750 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 700 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 650 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES
Duron 600 (64K,200,Socket 462) YES

Unless that is outdated list, I can't seem to find what you see in your manaul.

Is there a link we could all look at that shows your MB will support the 1.6 Duron?


I see on the list it shows the:

AthlonXP 1600+ (.13u) (256K,266,Socket 462) YES

I would assume, it should work. The Cache is the only difference, right? :?