Can I burn an mp4 movie onto a DVD for viewing?

Ive got a moivie in mp4 format on my hard drive. How can I / Do I want to? burn the movie onto a DVD for playback on my home DVD player? this just a waste of time? there a way to convert the mp4 format into something playable on a DVD player?

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  1. There are a bunch of programs that will handle almost anything you want. Most likely your burner came bundled with some DVD authoring software, I would look on there. Of find a copy of somthing like Ulead's DVD Movie Factory or InterVideo WinDVD Creator. I've never had much luck converting MP4 movies to DVD this way, as the encoding quality always seems to be lacking. This works fine for animated things.

    If you want good quality you'll have to rencode it the mpeg2 with something like virtualdub. Unless its something unique, I'd just get the DVD or hook up a computer to the TV.
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