Help!! Memory dump file too large!!

I need to know how to edit the memory.dmp file. It is nearly a gig in size and I can't open it. What can I do? Can I just delete this file? Or does it have to be edited? Help!!
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  1. Yeah ... just delete it. But afterwards, you should try and discover just what problem is causing this to happen. In my experience, it's usually because of a driver that needs updated. In the meantime, to stop the system from creating the memory dumps, go to My Computer\Properties\Advanced\Startup and Recovery and change the way the operating system responds to an error. You can usually find more helpful information in the Event Viewer than in a memory dump file, unless you know how to decipher it.


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  2. Thanks for the post. That worked! I recovered the gig I had lost and also changed the settings for the dump file.
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