Vanilla P5B?

What's P5B "Vanilla"? I read it at COre 2 Duo overclocking guide and didn't realized what it mean o.O Does it refer to the lower quality P5Bs (P5B and P5B-E)?
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  1. The P5B-E is NOT a 'lower end' P5B series motherboard. It's one of the best P965 boards out there. However, when the term vanilla is used, means that there is no prefix or suffix to the model name. Another example I can think of is the 6800. It's just called the 6800, just like the P5B.
  2. lol
    sorry ._.
    well... thanks for the explanation ^_^'
    I'll wait for the P5B Plus o_O It's probaly cheap, since it's just a P5B with solid state polimer capacitors. Am I right? o.O
  3. if you really want that board get the

    P5B-Deluxe Wifi/AP
    P5B-Deluxe Premium (Vista Edition)

    Those are the ones that I recommend... Now there is the lastest upgrade for the 965 series which is the Commando but I dont know how good or bad is that board so I wont say anything about it.
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