Struggling installing wireless router, losing internet conne

I am hoping someone out there can help me re-establish my internet connection, as I have lost connection to the internet, and being based in Japan, that is a loss of communication completely.

I purchased a Corega wireless internet router, to enable me to logon to the internet from anyroom in my house, and not be tied to one room. I purchased a Corega CGWLBARGMH. I already had an ADSL line, which was working fine to connect to my ISP using a broadband modem. I also thought that it would be easy to install, even though it was in Japanese, because the ADSL Broadband modem was simple.

However..... after I reconnected the wireless to the Broadband, I found that I could not connect to the internet anymore (everything was wired at this point). I tried going through the installation of the router (logging into the router, and following the wizard). This worked... to some extent, where it allowed me to connect, for a minute of so, then dropped the connection.

I checked the ipconfig during the connection, and found that on the initial connection (when the internet worked), it connected to the correct ip address assigned by the broadband. Within minutes though (when the connection dropped), the ipconfig told me that windows had changed the ip address to 169.254. which I know means that windows cannot find the automatic ip address. This seems strange as it had it at the beginning.

I also tried disconnecting the ethernet cable from the computer, to see if my computer could pick up the wireless signal. It couldn't, so it cannot be set up correctly.

Does anyone know either what to correct on Windows, to either get the wireless router working, or even to get back to the previous state of a wired broadband with no router. The local people here have told me I need to reinstall windows which is a bit drastic.

I have included a cut from the windows website, which shows the problem, but, no solution:

"If your local IP address is returned as 169.254.y.z with a subnet mask of, the IP address was assigned by the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) feature of Windows XP Professional. This assignment means that TCP/IP is configured for automatic configuration, that no DHCP server was found, and that no alternative configuration is specified. This configuration has no default gateway for the interface. "

Please help!
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  1. A couple basics...

    Make sure you are using the WAN port (the one by itself, not in the group of four) to connect your router to the ADSL modem.

    Make sure your computer is connected to one of the four LAN ports.

    Try re-running the home network setup Wizard on Windows. You should tell it you are connected to the internet using a home gateway.
  2. One other thing... you can find an English manual for your router here.
  3. You may also want to follow the steps for the router to reset to default: usually a small button that needs to be held down for 30 seconds, or something similar. make sure you have access to the router, then follow the most basic steps to get the wireless router connected to the internet. after you get the connection to ISP working, then you can experiment with the wireless router settings (which probably isn't turned on by default, but you could experiment with that too).

    good luck!
  4. Many thanks for your help :!:

    However, more problems. I have now got the PC to connect to the internet through the wireless router. So, I can connect when wired. However, when looking through the instructions, it says that you should be able to connect wirelessly.

    When I disconnect the ethernet cable from the back, my computer tells me I am disconnected. I run the wireless network wizard, but this does not do anything.

    Is there anything else I should do? Why would it not automatically start broadcasting wirelessly now that it is connecting to the internet when wired. I have a Toshiba Connectivity Doctor which is on for autoswitch, but still does not register.

    Any help you can give is always appreciated

    Japan struggler
  5. using the manual for the router, follow the administration screens on the router's web menu. you must make sure that the wireless settings between the router and your computer's wireless card are setup before you disconnect the cable. the wireless and wired connections are setup completely different.
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