Please help me figure out Temps on c2d, Speedfan, Tcase, etc

Hi all,
I am currently working on getting my E6400 oc'ed and I am trying to figure out temperatures in the process. I have read both the c2d overclock guide and c2d temp guide. I understand some of the material but I still need some guidance on some things.

Here are my results and variables from SpeedFan:

Tcase (I am using Temp2 in Speedfan) = Idle 17C & Load 46C SpeedFan

Tjunction (Using SpeedFan Hottest between Core0/Core1 + 15C) = Idle 34C & Load 61C SpeedFan, Hottest Core

Tjunction (Using hotter core temp from TAT) = Idle 36C & Load 59C TAT, Hottest Core

Ambient = 21C
Chipset = 965P
C2D = E6400
CPU Cooler = Scythe Ninja w/ Mineaba fan (63cfm) w/ X23
Frequency = 2.66
Load = TAT 100% Ten Minutes
Motherboard = Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Rev. 3.3
Vcore = 1.375v

Here is a pic of my idle temps (which seem low, at least the Temp2, Core0, Core1 readings in SpeedFan):

Yeah I know. My temps look low and are lower than ambient. I had to start somewhere. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. What? 8O
    Is there a dry-ice bucket in your case.
    a 2C delta between Tcase and Tjunction?
    For whatever reason, I could not get all of the sensors working or SpeedFan giving proper readings until I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it with CPU at stock speeds. When I OCd back up to 3K MHz it suddenly started working correctly.

    If you havent gone into the advanced section and changed any of the temp offsets... that is really weird.

    Your cooler has about a 2C advantage over my Scythe Andy:

    I am running a E4300 at 2998MHz at 1.325v on the same MB so I am guessing, but I would think I have a slightly lower thermal load.

    So, as a guess, with a 21C ambient, I would say speedfan is 15C low on core temps and 6C low on Tcase (you are able to adjust their respective offsets under the Configure --> Advanced section of SpeedFan)
    (my system: )
  2. Hey thanks for the tips. I think I'll give the un-oc, uninstall, reinstall, re-oc a shot. I'll repost the results when I am done (most likely tomorrow morning).
  3. If you have by now applied +15c offsets to SpeedFan Core 0 / Core 1, then your Load temps appear to be appropriate. Although Tcase (CPU) Idle shouldn't be below Ambient, the intake temp at floor level may be a few degrees lower than a wall thermostat 5' higher. Taking this into consideration, Idle to Load temps may not be perfectly linear. If corrected Load temps make sense relative to Ambient, Vcore, computer case cooling and CPU cooler, then an Idle discepancy of a few degrees is justified.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  4. Alright! Things seem to be running smoothly/accurately. Thank you wchp and computronix for your help. Just got to get the fsb up to 400 now.
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