Not enough disk space error with 23gb free

Hi there, I tried to google this problem, but entering not enough space into google comes up with a lot of random junk... e.g. zoo websites with not enough space for animals!

When I install any programs they all report that i have my 23gb free, which windows and all hd space reporting programs say, but when they actually go to install they say not enough space.

I have updated antivirus, ran a virus scan
I have ran a scandisk
I have ran registry mechanic and fixed errors
I am lost on what to do to fix the problem :(

I have a suspision this may have something to do with it;

Basically, I had my drive letters as follows

C: windows drive
D: cd drive
E: games
F: programs

my cd drive jumped to f: so now they are

C: windows drive
D: games
E: programs
F: cd drive

i reinstalled all games and programs to fix the registry problems, but now for some reason, nothing will install saying not enough space. maybe it's something to do with it looking at E:'s free space (419mb) instead of D:'s where it should actually be installing.

If anyone could help i would really apprechiate it :D Or some cool suggestions on how I can fix it :)

my system info
(CPU 1) Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz (Socket 478) @ 2806MHz (200MHz FSB), 13% load (CPU 2) Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz (Socket 478) @ 2806MHz (200MHz FSB), 5% load

(Motherboard) IC7/IC7-G(Intel i875P-ICH5), version 1.0

(RAM module 1) 512MB, form factor: DIMM, type: SDRAM (RAM module 2) 512MB, form factor: DIMM, type: SDRAM

(Drive 1) FUJITSU MPC3064AT, 6.04GB size, 1 partition(s), IDE interface (Drive 2) IC35L120AVV207-0, 115.04GB size, 1 partition(s), IDE interface (Drive 3) Maxtor 6E030L0, 28.63GB size, 1 partition(s), IDE interface

(Video controller 1) NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (Processor: GeForce 6800), 128MB, 1024x768x32 @ 85Hz, Non Interlaced, driver version:

(Sound card 1) Creative X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM), brand: Creative Technology, Ltd.

(Operating system) Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (SP2), version 5.1.2600 (56 processes running, 417.45MB free RAM, installed 2y 10w 4d 12h 15m 9s ago, 3d 7h 20m 28s uptime)
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  1. How much free space do you have on the c: drive?

    most programs will need to install some of the files to the system drive (where windows is installed) for shared files.
  2. 1.27gb on c: but for example when installing counterstrike source it first download the install files it to d: but still says not enough space.

    I have also had 1gb or less on c: for a long time before this problem happend. but good idea :) it's only a 6gb drive so i cant really free up much space on it!
  3. Some installers unpack to the windows temp drive first.
    If you have 1.2GB free on C: that should be enough though :?

    You could try setting your temp drive to something like D:Temp:

    - Manually create a folder D:Temp
    - Right-click "My Computer" and select properties
    - Advanced Tab
    - Environment variables button
    - Change System variables TEMP and TMP to point to D:Temp

    Worth a shot ...
  4. hey there, thanks for helping!

    I have already set my temp drive to d:temp unfortunately, i've had it as this for a while :( doh!

    any other ideas?
  5. Hmmmmm .....

    Have a look in your event logs (Start - Run - EVENTVWR).
    Do you see any nasty red error messages in the System or Application logs ?

    Is your Virtual Memory set ok ? (i.e. windows allowed to manage)
  6. hey!

    i managed to get this fixed from another forum thankfully.

    the issue was certain applications held their storage locations for downloads and instalations in files rather than in the registry. for example in a .ini or a .blob these had to be editted / deleted to update the new location for storage. they were trying to install to E: still (which is the old location of where the things were installed) and even a reinstall of the programs didnt update it, which is weird it must keep the old settings or create the files AFTER the instalation!

    thanks for your help though! cya :)
  7. Great news !

    Thanks for taking the time to post the answer as well. May help someone else in the future ....
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