unable to share files on my lan

hi Guys,
i have 2 win XP home machines, and 2 win 98se machines. they make up my lan network. i can see all PC's from any one of the machines, i can open the shared folder from any one of the machines.
what i can not do is open the file that is on the #1 win XP home box from the #2 XP home box. i cannot copy and paste. the win 98se machines have no problem getting the files and changing them and saving them back.
Any thoughts on this??
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  1. Try creating usernames in the winxp boxes. Ex:

    Logged on in XPbox 1 as user1
    Logged on in XPbox 2 as user2

    Create a user in the XPbox 2 with called user1 with the same password
    Create a user in the XPbox 1 with called user2 with the same password

    Note these are general examples in your case the user names would be different.

    Cheers and good luck!
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