aol broadband on suse linnux?

I have a pc with suse linnux installed which seems more stable than windows but I have an aol broadband connection which according to aol is incompatible with linnux. Is there a way of making aol broadband work with linnux or would I be better off just making do with windows.
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  1. Do you have a router?

    What kind of broadband is it?

    Cable? DSL?

    Who is the underlying provider? I believe AOL simply resells normal Cable / DSL broadband service.

    Linux will work with any standard broadband connection as long as there are no artificial obstacles -- such as having to run AOL windows-only software (spyware/adware).
  2. My connection is with a voyager 105 usb dsl modem which I got from aol when I signed up with them. I can use dial up if I want as I have a standard modem as well but I have to pay local rate call charge to use that as my dsl connection is anytime. aol uses its own software browser which you install from a disk, but I only use it to connect then I use either opera or internet explorer. A spokesperson for aol says I cannot use aol with linnux only with windows or mac os but I am sure there will be a way of doing it somehow.

    If this is true then the modem itself supports Linux however AOL may still refuse to work.

    What happens when you plug the modem into one of your USB ports on your SuSE box?

    please su to root and run the following commands:

    dmesg > dmesg_03252006

    lsusb > lsusb_03252006

    And then post or PM me the contents of those files


    PS You could also check to find out if you could get your own DSL modem with an ethernet port that you could plug into a router and use with Linux or any other OS for that matter. As long as you can enter the PPOE or PPOA login info into the new DSL modem it should work provided AOL has not locked it down in other ways.
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