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Urgent - Rig wont POST - how to tell whats blown?

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March 30, 2007 11:51:46 AM

Dear all,

My new e4300 rig is running nicely at 3.2ghz. However, my old AMD xp 2200+ rig which I gave to my father has given up! He said it froze a couple of times and now wont POST at all (nothing on screen at all, single bleep on power on).

I have to fix this this weekend for him - is there anyway I can figure out whats wrong by doing any tests? I dont have another board/cpu/gfx card etc to try that will fit so i'm at a loss!

Please someone have a useful idea!!!



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March 30, 2007 11:52:32 AM

I should have added that speedfan was reporting 70c temps and it was not overclocked at all - completely standard.
March 30, 2007 12:23:22 PM

clean out the case, or get better airflow, lol, on a more serious note, was there any lead up aside from the freezing, also, what are the systems components?
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March 30, 2007 12:27:41 PM

Did the computer get moved recently? - check all cards, cpu and RAM to make sure everything is seated correctly...

Check and see if your Dad may have attached something to the computer, like a flash drive... printer etc... that he may not have mentioned or forgot about.

If all looks good, disconnect the power and pull the CMOS/BIOS battery, power it up then back off again and replace the battery.

Do the drives spin up?
When you disconnect the monitor, does it say no signal?
Almost sounds video related...
March 30, 2007 2:16:33 PM

That seems pretty warm, but anyway, could be the PSU croaked. That should be easy to test, just plug the PSU from your e4300 into his machine.

edit: I wouldn't recommend vice-versa, just in case the PSU has gone bananas and damages your components, as unlikely as that is.
March 31, 2007 3:42:18 PM


Thanks for the tips. I did the following

First test as is - power up, no beeps, all drvies and fans spin up , gfx card fan spinning. Couldnt tell if the HDDs were running or not as no hdd light! NO SIGNAL on screen.

Tested Monitor on different PC- OK.

Removed all drives and periphs leaving only cpu, ram, mobo and gfx card connected. No difference.

Removed and reinstalled CMOS battery, no difference.

Removed middle ram stick (3 slots, two in use), PSU sparked (+funny smell) and wouldnt spin up after.

Replaced PSU, now nothing on screen at all (not even no signal)

I remember that prior to all this, the monitor would click in and out sometimes for a few minutes after boot. Perhaps the GFX card is fried? But then why did the PSU pop?

OK I think what I will try to do is try a different gfx card. I found another AGP one but the gaps in the slots where in the wrong position :( .

Any other comments / ideas?


April 1, 2007 6:30:55 AM

Maybe try disconnect monitor and make sure it still says "check signal"
Remove graphics card and see if you get a beep or spin up.
Remove memory and see if you get a beep or spin up.
If there is no response then you may be looking at CPU/MB issue.
At that point check all groundings to case and wiring to the board, signs of damage to integrated circuits (Chips) and components (resistors and capacitors). If there is no sign of damage, you may need a CPU that you can test with to determine if it is MB or CPU.
Good Luck!
April 4, 2007 12:09:23 PM

OK, tried a different GFX card, still nothing on screen (not even a no signal box). Monitor definately works.

Removed GFX card altogether, everything spins up and no beeps....

Probably the mobo?