Ballmer "the EMBALMER" Asked to QUIT by Microsoft.

Heres' story link :oops: Its blog that is referred to is from Microsoft Employee, yet Knowing "Embalmer" from webtv leadership fiasco,its little like asking ADOLF HITLER to quit & for same reasons. Everyone knows of "phishing" & criminal intent, yet most don't realize that as odd thing as permanent slavery is merely cost of transportation, so better quality kidnapped victim means more value for ticket(FINAL SOLUTION PHISHING). Don't underestimate peoples desire to look other way while criminals ply trade of deciet & mayhem. Ballmer is leader in that field(Microsoft knows in detail who you are & Ballmer is willing to go all way with that info).Taking Public Trust to Felony level is BAD enough. :idea: I SUGGEST CUTTING BALLMERS FEET OFF OR THROWING BALLMER OUT 5TH STORY WINDOW.Embalming Anyone? Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.
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  1. what? Can you clean the post up a bit?
  2. It's a bit harsh to 'cut off his feet and throw him out of a window' - especially seeing as he has given us so many laughs (monkey boy, anyone?)

    Has Microsoft become so large as to be able to act like a small country, with the peasents mounting a coup of their leaders?

    I don't personally think getting Steve Ballmer to leave MS is a good idea; one of the only things they have over Apple is that they have TWO 'household-name' directors compared to Apple's ONE.

    Or perhaps it's all a load of bull.
  3. :evil: WEBTV was my first internet service starting in June,1998. What I found in Ballmers operation was too tragic to fully describe here, except that AOL quit set top box market entirely, Balmer got Fired & sent to Corporate HQ, WEBTV disolved & picked=up by MSNTV.Ballmers responible for so much criminal activity in that era, something newspapers screamed about in general on day by day basis,that man should be locked in Federal Penitentuary.
    Not only was I threatened in my investigation of USENET, try google to see bizzare posts needed to get across to posters involved, two people died as direct result of USENET threats. Poster(s) in question, SATAN, who actually is nationwide metropolitian monicure that USENET storefront lawschools of post with, posted repeatedly, they will kill Captain Stanley Carl Von Drashek M.D. Fort Mcdowell, to prove supremecy over law. As poster name states, they are not Christian. Over & pver troubles with phone lines going dead or Power suddenly switched off was common, including hundreds of visits to front door.
    Also John N. Samuelson, not even computer user nor in any way involved with internet was threatened, John N. Samuelson od NE Minneapolis died within one year, 2002.
    I emailed Balmer & got replies wich where not storeable & momentary, expressing glee over inflicting harm thru others.Balmer states that "legal" useage, Hon. Senator Clinton Esq. called it unbelievable that posters could give such intricate deadly instructions to children and general public.
    As cute as photo might look, Balmers THUG, nothing more. Has no concept of enjoyable user experience & thrieves upon operating system of probelmatic failures, was my conclusion.
    Unfortuneately one of many SATAN posters, Johnathan Magabee also is no longer with us, so buffers take brunt of Balmers crime wave.
    You can pay thousands for your next computer, if Balmer has way, it will last till warrentee expires, not much longer.You may well get PHISHED out of your home & money.Thats just not mind set needed in todays sophisticated world.
    To stop War, Commisioned officers must be stopped, as people who are mere people are endless supply of victims to such methodology.By "cutting off feet", meaning is to stop persons criminal dance, we all know Balmer cann't fly, does Balmer?
    In conclusion its hard to replicate pre service pack 2 days of windows crashing out O/S on weekly basis with NT Authority virus & many other sieze up attachments blasting innocent family users. Hoodlums where in definate control of internet at that time.Balmer is one of those hoodlums.Balmers WEBTV service was amoung most abusive of individual users.Balmers bad person who creates bad things for good people whose bright eyed hopes are stung by methodolgical criminal intent, encuraged & protected by Balmer.Its on going problem, just place where problems lie will be more in that part of software that Balmer controls creation of instead of complete publicly served portal interface.Microsoft bought WEBTV & installed Balmer as head, so its no accident, nor that brilliant on Ballmers part. :lol:
  4. Wow, who's playing you in the film?

    This all sounds terribly shady and im sure is very interesting if it were written coherently. I think you should leave your conspiricy/slanderous/libelous posts to other forums and leave this one to talking about hardware.

    Unless Steve Ballmer is going to have hacksaws installed as a requirement for Vista to chop your arms off if you don't activate in time, I really think you should keep this stuff to yourself.

    Maybe you could sell the novel to Dan Brown?
  5. :( So far no comment even been made about posted article.If you want to pressure someone off forum, thats your problem. I'm concentrating on problems I know of.Unfortuneately you seem to desire attention ridiculing my post, try reading article & give your on topic ideas.Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D. 8)
  6. Okay dude, whatever. I'm just saying that if you're gonna make claims about Steve Ballmer wanting to phish me out of my house, maybe this isn't the most appropriate place to do it.

  7. I read the article... and your little diatribe seemed to have nothing to do with it.
  8. Quote:
    :( So far no comment even been made about posted article.If you want to pressure someone off forum, thats your problem. I'm concentrating on problems I know of.Unfortuneately you seem to desire attention ridiculing my post, try reading article & give your on topic ideas.Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D. 8)

    Maybe that's because the article bore little, if any, resemblance to your post:
    The article is about some Microsoft employees being disgruntled at what they perceive as poor management.
    Your post was an accusation that senior management at Microsoft wish to "phish" their customers. 8O

    I assume (please correct me if I'm wrong) that what you were trying to refer to is the widely-reported story that certain governments (in particular, the US and the UK) have approached Microsoft to see if they can be given a "backdoor" into vista because they are worried it will be too secure for intelligence-gathering.

    Frankly, I think the governments are over-reacting. When has a Microsoft product ever been un-hackable? :lol:
    If you have a problem with this, you should take it up with your local governmental representative.

    My concern is that Microsoft will comply with the requests in order to avoid the governments throwing the book at them over their monopolistic practises. They're already paying $1m dollars a day in fines for failing to break up the company, and they're probably worried that if they get on the wrong side of "Dubbya"'s holy crusade for the US government to be able to snoop on it's own citizens ('lo, Patriot Act) then someone will really start playing rough with them.
  9. :x Off topic, yet in Dakota Dr. Kaiser took life of my grandmother with some hooky cure where filled her bladder with CO2 gas & poped it, she died 6 weeks later. So as far as I'm conserned anyone in that group is FRAUD, nothing more. You can call your self important, yet you arn't among AMA. Next, on Microsoft Breakup, having been part of information gathering that used DOJ email to contribute facts, Hoped it would produce more of slow down, yet at end, after court order break up & no real change in direction, This writer suggested that Microsoft offer two years of "free" MSN service (dial Up) to all who where on line in 1998 thru 2002. Microsoft mailed out vouchers in Aug 2003. So there is progress, yet no punishment seems to get across to Microsoft, so termination of problems themselves seems in order. Probably European Union will find it similar, my suggestion to poster from U.K. is to dissolve Microsofts copyright protection from all Microsoft products in Eurpoe. Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.
  10. Is there any way that we can get this stuff off the forums please? I've only just started posting but i've been a reader for a long time and I've never seen anything quite like this before.

    Just cuz it says 'general discussion' doesnt mean that you can

    a) badmouth MS in a SERIOUS way without any evidence


    b) try and link MS to the death of your grandmother
  11. 8) CHIEF Vole basher Neelie Kroes, the €uro antitrust commissioner, told Microsoft its future Vista OS can't be sold unless it obeys the rules laid down by the power bloc.
    The Wall Street Journal interviewed Neelie Kroes who said the €U must design Vista so it doesn't breach antitrust rules. Or else.

    The Journal also quotes Kroes as saying that she sent shy and retiring CEO Steve Ballmer a billet doux last week warning him not to put some security features into the Vista OS and not to allow the IE 7 browser to point only at its own search engine.

    During this week the €U will hold in camera meetings to decide whether Microsoft has done enough to comply with previous rulings. If not, the Vole could squeak to the tune of another $100 million in addition to the $600 million fine already levied.

    A Microsoft spokesman told the paper his company was not aware of the March 20 letter and was therefore unable to comment. Reuters was not immediately able to reach Microsoft officials.

  12. :D
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Bans Google & iPods

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Bans Google & iPods

    In a recent Fortune interview with Steve Ballmer, the newer kinder Microsoft CEO is not only ready to take on the videogaming, search, music download and mobile markets - but he’s also laying down the law in his own house. Steve says that his kids are not allowed to use Google or have an iPod.

    Although the Google ban is fairly rough, I now have a bit of respect for Steve as a father for his iPod ban - as he’s probably saving the hearing and the attention spans of his kids via the ban (no word if they can use Microsoft endorsed mobile mp3 players).

    Call it brand loyalty, call him an over protective father - but in a world where there are way too many 11 year old girls walking around in pink shirts that say “Bitch”, Victoria’s Secrets jogging pants, iPods hanging out of their ears, Starbucks in one hand and their cell phone in the other - Steve’s statement is a bit refreshing.

    From the interview:

    Do you have an iPod?

    No, I do not. Nor do my children. My children–in many dimensions they’re as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension I’ve got my kids brainwashed: You don’t use Google, and you don’t use an iPod.

    Given Mr. Ballmer’s history of being a strict businessman and knack for going off the handle at times with a chair throwing episode or two, I highly doubt his home is in need of a visit from Super Nanny.

    However, if his kids are using MSN Search instead of Google for their homework assignments (when they really should be using a library anyway) and this is leading to a drop in their scores, Mr. Ballmer may want to rethink his father-knows-best approach. ]

    When Ballmers Child was asked to comment on Article reply was: "Ballmer must Go".

    When Ballmer was asked about GOOGLE, Ballmer replied:"KILL FUCKING GOOGLE".

    Ballmer is power crazy, Faker who incorporates "widgets" as new operating system, Widgets are not with operating system in fact, ride above it & consume valuable system resources needlessly.Ballmer will never make anything correctly, will merely pick up pieces of plausible software service & convert it into mad mans distructive fantsy of revenge against anything that ends up with Ballmers work.Ballmer is psychopathic & socipathic.Ballmer is one trick pony: "ATTACK & DYSTROY".Vista may form core O/S that other programmers incorporate widget derived O/S into, yet that true advancement will be someone elses design & not Ballmers intent.

    Until Ballmers out & team of quality programers take Vista, expect worse.

  13. Thomas, a few points:

    1. It is poor form to copy out an article written by someone else without crediting the source.

    2. When quoting an article, you should clearly separate the quote from your own comments. I had to re-read your post to realise which parts were from the original article and which parts were your rant.

    3. "Ballmer is psychopathic and sociopathic" is a serious allegation to make without any evidence to support it. 8O Posting on an internet forum is not immune from defamation laws, so be careful what you say.

    4. "Attack and dystroy" are two tricks, not one. :wink:

    5. The word is spelt "destroy" anyway.

    6. Your posts seem to consist mostly of copying a journalist's work, and then adding your own unsubstantiated rant. Whilst amusing to read, I seriously doubt that anyone reading them has had their opininon of Microsoft changed one iota, so I'm not sure what it is that you hope to achieve?
  14. :o SHY AND retiring Microsoft number two Steve Ballmer has confessed to brainwashing his children.
    In an interview with Fortune magazine, Ballmer was asked if he owned an iPod. He whispered that he did not and neither did his kids.

    "My children, in many dimensions they're as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension I've got my kids brainwashed," he admitted.

    It seems he has a bit of a mantra with them "You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod."

    MI6 would confirm that if this is said loud enough, and often enough, the subconscious will start believing it. Apparently it is not against the terms of the Geneva Convention, although when it was written no one had heard of Steve Ballmer.

    Of course, as any parent will tell you, all this sort of thing will just lead to teenage rebellion when the children get older.

    While some kids will sneaking off to parties to smoke dope, and drinking, the Ballmer kids will probably be creeping off to the local internet café to do a forbidden Google search or download a naughty iTune

    MAFIA TERMS: SHY & RETIRING MEANS LEAVE "HIT" WORK TO OTHERS(E.G.the godfather movie). While KILL FUCKING...means people (those animals) whom own GOOGLE. Theres nothing NORMAL about 300 lb. person throwing 100 Lb. furniture on 8 year old children. Besides believing all children are poorly behaved, disrespect for those most protected by law is one of many mental problems, including that "whisper" in ear stunt, "I'm going to KILL you", which is such polite MAFIA LANGUAGE for "I cann't stand sight of you, its' just no one else here agrees" is common at conferences for all. :wink:Ballmers just isn't that subtle at all. Its' too bad Ballmers' reputation is that of "LOSER".Too bad VISTA Build 5342 is being reviewed as LOSER,too.Too bad for all of US.

  15. Your rants are getting worse!

    1. Once again, you've posted someone else's work without crediting the source., and tacked your own comments at the end. The first time I could put it down to inexperience, but to continue doing it proves that you are just dishonest.

    2. The Geneva Convention applies to war. Steve Ballmer is not at war with his kids.

    3. The last paragraph of your post is one of the most incomprehensible pieces of English I've ever read. What on earth are you trying to say? Have you never heard of proof-reading?

    4. How on Earth is Ballmer telling his kids not to use Google ANYTHING like giving someone a death threat? What has the mafia got to do with it? Are you on drugs?

    Seriously, you seem to have a lot of issues with Mr Ballmer, and I don't think you're going to resolve them by posting foul-mouthed, slanderous posts in this forum. I think you need to seek professional help.
  16. :) Heres upcoming article in April. 2006 link, its not as offense: Remember that "Widgets" are an engine that works within operating system, not operating system in itself. Theres good chance VISTA is being slowed down simply by intent. Public will start buying OEM VISTA for Christmas & machines will start seizing, crashing or simply running slower than present day software. How astute person would lose 5 billion $ & "leave mess to Us". Microsoft Employees don't want Ballmer, I don't want Ballmer & in time you won't want Ballmer ethier. Laughable CEO, whose head is in "Hard Knock" finance & using it to exploit public with bad software. "Earned money old fashioned way,Killed for it".Killing publics internet/computing experience thru promises that are UNTRUE' that arn't far from how MAFIA Henchmen sell DOPE, like candy to Children, with false promise, ignoring reality & blaming Victims for not knowing better.Pure Criminal Exploitation. :cry:

  17. :?: Know had same thought about yourself, "Cry baby who uses multiple post names to hide & bad mouth others in forums", read some of your posts in other forums & there same as here, try to at least stay on topic, guess you afraid of Ballmer. :idea: Personally think you one "Bad" monkey boy.

    OOO,I AM SO SCARED. Do you embarse your mother same way? :oops:

  18. :) ATI tries to off INQUIRER journo

    'E fell over guv, honest

    By Arron Rouse: Tuesday 01 April 2003, 11:45

    THE TACTICS USED to persuade journalists to write good copy about a firm's products has taken an alarming turn. A few weeks ago at Cebit, the INQUIRER's very own Fudo warned us that relations with certain graphics chip manufacturers might have taken a turn for the worse.
    The truth was far more sinister than you might imagine. Just a short time after Cebit, Fudo disappeared with an ATI PR heavy. The ATI man allegedly told Fudo that the two would be going skiing. The innocent Fudo thought this would be a great way of repairing any damage in relations. It did not occur to him that he might be being taken up the side of a mountain for a different reason.

    The reports are sketchy but it is alleged that Fudo at some point "fell over" and sustained at least one broken bone. We asked the ATI PR heavy for an explanation. His response was along the lines of, "I didn't do nuffink. 'E was just standin' there and 'e fell over, honest guv
    :!: Although off Ballmer topic, it shows that many "Digital" people are not that nice.

  19. :) Off on MAFIA tangent, Digital work is not safe. Statutory law makes it little more than "killing Field". MY IE 2 inventor simply dissappeared, it is thought person was tortured to death by "goverment agents". 2 years latter, software changed name to MAXTHON by someone in HONG KONG tower with ties to Israel. Hows that for fun?

    Another example is when INTEL robot vechile "Stanley" ran over journalist at CES show in January '6. Stanley can hardly stay on road, let alone be on crowed public street. Heres some pics: RIP.

    Although not killed immediately & after settlement stated "its joke", its typical. writer pictured changed to someone looking quite differnt right after event (in articles), so if someone is hurt, service sends up another. MAFIA meaning,"IS There No Way to Get RID of Them?". Well no there isn't, yet of course there is.

    Remember in late 1990s', when Memorial page statements abounded on Websites? Dirty business that world needs less of. I recently converted to CHRISTIANITY from islam, so I know. Reason was this cartoon here: All people who needlessly died as result of that one didgital work, worthless & non offensive as it is, is sad reflection on Criminality of Digital providers everywhere.Most people involved don't even have computer nor ever saw image. too bad, yet we live in age of miracles. Why let someone downgraqde that?

    Now I am Fully CATAHUMENED & feel extremely well to be away from such inhuman beasts. (EM) Ballmer is half step from that inhumaness. Ballmer emails to myself reminded ME of Elijah Mohammed sniffing glue.

  20. 8) Heres' article about journalist run over by INTEL, journalist was noted AMD Pundit:Charlie run over by Intel car

    Consumer Electronics Show 2006

    By Mike Magee in Las Vegas: Thursday 05 January 2006, 17:07

    IT'S A DANGEROUS life being a hack. But it's an even more dangerous life if you're a member of the INQUIRER breed of hackery.
    As our Charlie Demerjian found out when he got caught between a rock and a hard place here at CES. The first picture shows the Intel car winging him.

    But worse was to come. Charlie found himself under the Intel wheels after he'd been winged. What a wicked, wicked world.

    That brings to Mind another dissappeared person, "Everywhere Girl" who was consort of one rags editor at Cambridge, UK conference & had her picture published from that event, over last few years no one has been able to find "Everywhere Girl", being English Bobby, who knows, they don't speak of their losses, yet picture been taken up by so many digital websites as advertising promo, people got to have pimples on brain to pimp off such sadness & loss of credible youth, not once, hundreds of times with just one image.

    Background of digital communications is horrible HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, Ballmer is well beyond terrible Monster.

    DON EL.

  21. Another deeper look at this seamy side of digital communication, simply around one person: "Everywhere Girl". Heres original from Cambridge, UK, teenager simply trying to show guest nice time in Her city:

    Now todays latest tracking of everywhere girls photograph:

    Now heres times "everywhere Girls" photo has been used without permission, that is known:Everywhere Girl - the partial story

    INQUIRER Special Globetrotting roundup

    By Paul Hales: Tuesday 19 July 2005, 13:24

    YOU ASKED for it. Here it is.
    Girl goes back to school with Gateway and Dell
    It's that Dell, Gateway girl again
    Dell girl makes re-appearance, strikes lucky again

    INQUIRER Girl, briefly
    Back to school with the INQUIRER girl

    Dell Girl again
    It's that Dell girl again, again
    Germans can stick tongues out on passport photos
    Dell, Gateway, UPS, actuary, Calumet, INQ girl uses Visa
    Dell girl spotted on Redmond campus
    Dell girl goes to Brown College

    Everywhere Dell girl
    Everywhere Dell girl appears in Germany
    Dell girl forces Rust job reprieve

    Everywhere Girl, finally
    Everywhere Girl continues worldwide domination
    Everywhere Girl defects from Dell to HP
    Everywhere Girl goes on holiday with the BBC

    Challenging pretenders
    Laughing Kids from Hell displace Everywhere Girl
    Laughing Kids from Hell no match for Everywhere Girl

    On her travels
    Everywhere Girl tips up at Minnesota bank
    Everywhere Girl goes to Canada

    INQ presents gongs of the year

    Travelling again
    Everywhere Girl joins US Government
    Everywhere Girl gets religion
    Curse of Everywhere Girl hits IDF
    Everywhere Girl falls asleep in museum

    Mixed up
    Everywhere Girl gets all mixed up
    Everywhere Girl jigsaw winners announced

    Everywhere Gal
    Everywhere Gal migrates to Canada

    Drops out, hits the road again
    Everywhere Girl becomes college dropout
    Everywhere Girl travels Greyhound
    Everywhere Girl is lost forever
    Everywhere Girl makes it to CNN
    Everywhere Girl pops pills for extra energy
    Everywhere Girl goes to Russia

    To be continued...

    Sure cop is not Model ,yet should ever store front mobster just take picture & use it with out permission? Just to Defame Cop involved? Digital Communication is "Dirty Business" run by Gangsters who will steal (PHISH), corrupt (AS Yourself) or worse, to individuals, merely because chances of getting caught in such law breaking are minimal or even imp[ossible.

    Maybe you'd commit heinous crimes against those "strapped" down with no remorse, yet that still dosn't make that leagal or right.

    Should such large company as Dell, simply rip off peoples images for advertising? Maybe you ripped off some real credentials.


  22. I think you're confused


    6 posts in one day, all in reply to yourself? All of them a nonsensical rant against a man you've never met who you seem to be able to link (in your head at least) to every crime ever committed?

    Could you please leave these forums for people who

    A) Want an answer to a problem

    B) Want to discuss Tech+Tech related stuff

    This isn't what this service is for.
  23. Dude...take your medication, and increase the dosage!
  24. Quote:
    :?: Know had same thought about yourself, "Cry baby who uses multiple post names to hide & bad mouth others in forums", read some of your posts in other forums & there same as here, try to at least stay on topic, guess you afraid of Ballmer. :idea: Personally think you one "Bad" monkey boy.

    OOO,I AM SO SCARED. Do you embarse your mother same way? :oops:


    Who was this reply intended for? You replied to your own post so we can't tell. Or were you intended to reply to yourself? 8O
  25. :D Early reviews of VISTA compare it to Windows 95. Will know more in few Days when VISTA 5342 Download is complete here.

    Sorry about Sicko.

  26. This thread is locked because it's pointless, uses speculation and borderline slander.

    Notice to all:

    Software generally does not encounter rambling, pointless posts, or flaming and may go a short while without being looked over by Moderators. In this case, you'll notice a "Report" button you can use to notify myself and other Moderators of issues like this. We will immediately take action on this.
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