Is this a good PSU for Silverstone Temjin case?

I want to get a Silverstone Zeus 850w PSU to go with Silverstone TJ09-BW case, however i do have one question/concern. Judging from the picture at Newegg, the PSUs cooling fan is facing the Hard drive area in the case, it looks like it is separated by a panel from the rest of the case but i can't tell for sure. I don't know if the cooling fan will be blowing air out or sucking it in, if it will be blowing it out then i'll be getting hot air in my case. Does anyone know if this particular PSU is blowing air out or in and if it's out will this hot air from be harmful for my system? I figure Silverstone case and PSU will be a good combo, but now i'm not so sure anymore.

Silverstone 850W PSU:

Temjin TJ09-BW case:
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  1. Rock solid power supply.

    Here is an indepth review:

    I don't know of any PSU's that break from the standard of pulling air from inside the case and exhausting it out the back.
  2. Thanx for dipelling my concerns, guys! I'll go ahead and pick up both units next week.
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