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when online instead of being able to see every thing on page I keep getting blank boxes with a small white rectangle containg 3 colourd shapes in - dont know what to do to correct this?
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  1. Sounds like you are using Internet Explorer, and those boxes are most likely Ad's, and some of those Ad's use tracking cookies etc... It sounds like you have most of the critical updates in your internet explorer and to protect you it has set content security higher to keep from getting unwanted spy's on your machine.
    To get to see those Ad's you could go to the options on ie6 and lower the content rating bar.

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  2. cheers cowboy i have spent hours online to aol help who have only given info that has made things worse 1 message from you has sorted it.
    thanks alot
  3. I wish it was always so easy! Make sure you keep your critical updates current. Have a good day!
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