blue screen and restart by itself =.=

Hi all.. i have a 2 year old computer.

This is the spec:

AMD Barton 2500+
512mb pc3200
radeon 9600xt

well, the problem starts when I have windows xp on my computer and everytime, I want to shut down, it always hang on the "save your settings" screen. I can hear the sound of the spinning harddisk turned off, but the processor fan is still running, so the only way for me to turn my computer is by pressing the power button for a while till its turned off. This cause scanning disk process everytime I boot it up again, which is not good.

To make it short, I install windows2k to my computer and the shutdown works properly, but i started having this memory crash on my computer. Sometimes blue screen pops up which forbid me for doing anything but resetting the computer, or it sometimes restart by itself.

Please help me solve this problem. I have a friend telling me that theres something wrong with my motherboard and can be solved by resetting the bios, but his method still doesnt work.

Thanks for the reply.

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  1. The BIOS would not be the first thing that I would suspect. You only should have to update your BIOS to support new hardware or to fix a bug. If your PC has been running fine for a while, then you probably don't need a new BIOS.

    And easy check would be to download Memtest86 and run it. Just google it. You could also get a diagnostic tool from your hard drive manufacturer's website and test your hard drive.

    Could you describe the blue screen in more detail? Are there any error messages?

    Do you have a power supply that you could borrow from someone? A power supply going bad could cause problems.
  2. dm, thanks for the reply.

    I cant describe the blue screen because it never happen again for a week now o_O

    well, i think did that memtest already. my fren hooked me up with the program. after 400 cycles, theres no error. well, im gonna try it again once i got home.

    the computer restart by itself so often. especially when i am running a full screen program like gaming for example.

    so is it the power supply?
  3. Possibly, tell me more about your power supply. Brand, part number, wattage?
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