XP restart loop, can't find cause

In the middle of doing nothing (there were programs open, but nothing was run immediately before the crash), I received the evil blue screen of death. The report was something along the lines of "windows needs to restart..blah blah.. if happens again may need to run anti-virus software..blah.. 0x0000007B, etc.." I looked up the 7b code to find that it was indicative of a hardware failure.

My current setup is:
2800+, A7n8x-e deluxe, 1gb ram (dual channel), 1 80gb Sata Western digital drive, 1 80gb ide WD drive, msi 9800pro, win xp

I tried a basic reboot and at the safe mode prompt screen, chose load normally. The windows loading screen comes up. The bar goes across once, then at the next halfway mark, the computer resets again. I tried safe mode, same results. Previous settings, same results. I took out the ram and tried each stick by itself in single channel mode, same results. I unplugged the sata drive, hooked up my older secondary 80gb drive (ide), and tried to do a fresh install of windows (that harddrive was formatted to begin with). The install gets to 20-30%, then reboots, then starts looping like the sata install. I updated my bios based on the microsoft support page's recommendation for my particular stop error. Same problems.

Here is where I get confused.. I installed Fedora Core 5 on the same 80gb (ide), and have no problems at all. I am using it currently to type this message. If I was having a mobo/cpu/ram/vid card problem, I am under the impression that linux wouldn't run properly either. Can anyone provide any help or insight? Thanks!
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  1. what os is your motherboard set for?
  2. Hmm, your question makes me feel like a total noob. I always assumed it was XP (the mobo isn't THAT old, but may have been released before XP). But it appears to be setup for XP.
  3. in the motherboard bio's, there is a switch for choices, you know, are you going to run; OS2, DOS or Other, operating system
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