Help Tuning Overclock AMD 4000+ X2 3.0 GHZ

Actually I overclock my 4000+ X2 to 3.0 GHZ, using Biostar T-series 550 mobo, G.Skill 2 gb 4-4-4-10 and Synthe Ninja Cooler.

Where I can download Prime95 to check stability, now I'm using with Windows XP, no freeze, crash, blue death screen, but I want to check.

My DDR2 speed is set 400, I.m not sure about the setting Thanks
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  1. You can find Prime95 here.

    That's a nice overclock. I'm guessing you're running at 300MHz FSB, so make sure your HT multiplier is 3x. Also, when you say your RAM is at 400MHz, are you talking about the doubled speed or the "raw" speed?
  2. Love tacos actually and now I'm go for it and my AMD 4000+ X2 is now at 3.1 ghz, here CPU-Z validation.

    Is a Birsbane core (A.K.A 65 nm) and in the memory department I need help I need tuning, the HT = 3X FSB 296 Core Volt=1.45v I not try to put memory on 667, Thank for your help Love tacos.
  3. Thanks logainofhades how I use or configure Prime95?
  4. Love Tacos I read your PM, in the post are the parts list. Yes the core is 65 nm and the multiplier es 10.5 and HT is 286 voltage is now in 1.40 and HT link 3x, memory speed set to 400 mhz. Tempeture now is 31 celsius idle and no more than 52 celsius running Prime95
  5. Hey Love_Tacos the ninja came with bracket for only one fan, you think I can fabricate this brackets to put another fan pull type the first one are pusher type. Any idea is welcome... 8O 8) :lol:
  6. you can post the link in newegg and scynthe please????? :?: :?: :?: :?: :(

    Thanks Love Tacos
  7. Love_Tacos continue with the tuning in the 3.0 ghz land I ran prime95 for 8 hours with no fail, but I need to change the voltage slighty more (1.425v) to do the test, now is stable, but the temperature not passed from 53c in load 34c idle. I check the link for the fan clip, but because I from Puerto Rico the shipping from newegg for $2.49 killing me, I searching in other site for buy it. I continue testing, but I need another fan.
  8. Hey Taco...sorry to bust in...But what do you think of Orthos Beta by Johnny Lee?
  9. That true logain Puerto Rico is a tropical island, now in this days 88 degrees in summer 96 degrees ufff, that is the reason I bought scythe ninja, I only have 1 fan, I put another for sure maybe more, in scythe web site they put 4 fan pull type wow, so just in case I order more clips for future mods, my case is Raidmax aluminum full tower, the case came with 6 80mm fan but are cheap, from time to time a changed for more powerful type, now I modified the tower to start to put 120mm, I put one in the front and eliminate 2 crapy 80mm x 15mm and order 2 more 120 mm to sustitute side panel 80 mm x 15 for 2 120 mm and later I change the top 80mm for one 140 mm. But remember you start the thing for oc :D :D and this project continue evolutioning in another bigger and serious thing.
  10. Hey i really like the orthos Beta, i run it and it does more than PRIME95 ever will, it does part prim95 and something that resembles F@H.

    here is my Opty 165

    this is on a Zalman 9500 LED
  11. funnyman06 the difference between Prime95 and Orthos is great, Prime only put 50% load, Orthos 100%, so is more confident Orthos I think. Apart look more simple, but is more informative, Orthos put 2 core on view, so can see the load in every core.
  12. yea, but one thing i like is that if you do the gromacs core it makes more heat than prime95 does so you get a better idea of whats going on.
  13. hmm thats odd, from my experiences there is no install it is just an executable that you run...
  14. Love Tacos I can run Prime95 for more than 12 hours, and I using now with prime95 I go for 24 hour.
  15. Dude, for Prime95 you need to run two instances of the program to get 100% load.
    Just copy the Prime95 program folder and paste it somewhere and run both of them.
  16. I forgot to said that, but I ran 2 instances of Prime95 for 24 hours with no error. When I wrote the post to Tacos forgot to said it.
  17. A little bit back he said he was at 3.1

    @ the OP

    Great overclock by the way! :)
  18. might be right there. In one of his posts he did report using a lower HT frequency than his 3.1Ghz post. Sorry then. :oops:
  19. I can hit 3.1 ghz but not stable, the problem is the temperature, in 3.1 surpass 61 celsius and I slow down to 3.0 GHZ and in this frecuency I can ran Prime95 for 24 hours, I use Scythe Ninja Plus cooler with one 120mm enermax fan 73 cfm, Tacos said to me put another one fan pull type for better cooling effect, the problem is I don't have more fan clip to do that. I ordered few days ago, so I waiting. But for sure with the cooler and one fan at 3.0 GHz the 4000+ ran prime95 errors free. The only concern is 55 celsius on load. So when I put the other fan and modified my case with better ventilation I try 3.1 GHz again.
  20. Me too tacos is for that reason I do no more tests until receive my another fan and my clips. Thanks Tacos
  21. Tacos if possible with a Windsor like 5200+ hit 3.2 GH with out voltage or heat problem, the multiplier is 13 and no need too much FSB to hit 3.2???
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