do i need a router?

Hi all,
I have comcast hi speed as well as phone /they "rent me" a "arris" telephony modem do i need a router or a switch for several comps?
thanx all
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  1. hi, I would presume you have Cable Broadband through Comcast. I'm not sure what the Telephony modem is, unless the device you're referring to has just power plug, ethernet plug, Coax Cable screw-connector and maybe a USB plug.

    If that is the device you have, that's your cable modem, and it doesn't filter your network connection. Buy a cheap cabled or cable/wireless router, plug the router into the cable modem, then your computer into the router.

    Am I on the right track?
  2. If the "modem" includes a DHCP server, you do not need a router, only a switch. If it does not, the easiest way to set up your home network is to buy a router. It CAN be done manually, but it is a PITA, and given the low cost of home routers, not worth the effort.

    What is the exact make and model of your supplied modem?
  3. i have an arris tm402p.(from comcast)
    ive done some digging and it seems the dhcp is not enabled on it
    I was playing with linux unbuntu server stuff(i have enough piecies and parts to build a box) but im a nOOb to linux and have gotten very frustrated so far trying to make my own router...I wanted to use the project to learn about it.

    I have linux desk top unbuntu edgy 6.10 on an older pc That ive been playing with but I think I have a way to go yet..
  4. From the user manual for your modem:
    Note: To connect two or more computers to the Ethernet port, you will need a
    hub or broadband router (available at computer retailers).
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