DUNK sound when i shut down along with USB problems

I have a problem with my pc, you know that sound that u get when you lower or raise the volume with the "volume control" in the taskbar?

Every time i restart or shut down my pc, right before the screen says "Shutting Down" i hear that sound.

I have done everything to anything to figure this out, i have cleaned my registy with one of those reg clean programs, defragmented my hard disk, change from bitdefender to Kaspersky Personal Security, etc

1. when ever i wanted to shut down, it would show ".NET cannot be closed" and then there was a countdown to force quit that program, and upon doing so in 2 secs it shut down. But that doesnt happen anymore.

2. i purchased the Logitech Quickcam Notebook pro 1.3 megapixel camera, and after installing it, it asked for me to connect the webcam to the usb port, as soon as i did, after the little bubble appeared in the taskbar saying "new hardware found" it crashed my system. But then i left it in, and upon booting the webcam worked great. After contacting logitech, they told me to uninstall the program, go to "MSCONFIG" in run and untick afew things, restart, install the program, then set the MSCONFIG back to normal. After installation the webcam worked great, but as soon as i set the msconfig back to normal my pc would crash as soon as it boot into windows... over and over... so i unplugged the webcam and now my pc works, but again as soon as i hook it up, it crashes.

3. My iPod shuffle, whenever i connected it to my USB port(s), it would keep making that ejecting sound and what not, it would keep ejecting and un-ejecting. So much that it would cause my system to be very unstable. Sometimes it would seem stable, and half way through uploading music, it would eject the ipod automatically.

4. Another problem was that when i opened up a new setup (EXE) and when it askes you "do you want to allow or block access to this program." Sometimes that screen would go crazy and keep making that "DUNK" sound in a crazy loop, and the screen would be flashing crazy. I believed it had something to do with Bitdefender 9's firewall program conflicting with Windows Firewall. Then again i maybe wrong.

Finally perhaps this has something to do with it,my iPod shuffle is USB 2.0 as well as my USB 512mb Drive my motherboard is the Intel D945GNTL which is native USB2.0, but whenever i connected USB2 devices, i would get a pop-up at the bottom of the screen saying "THIS DEVICE CAN PERFORM FASTER IF CONNECTED TO A USB2.0 PORT" even though it was (the ones in the back).

What could be wrong, i have updated my BIOS, Drivers for every device, etc. So please i need expert advise and solutions here, much appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  1. you can change the sounds by going to control panel and clicking on sounds and multimedia

    click each action and choose a sound for it
  2. Regarding your USB issue - have you checked your BIOS settings? There will normally be an option to enable USB2 (or restrict to USB 1.1) - check you have got the right settings.
  3. What if you know for sure you have USB 2.0 and there are no USB settings in your bios? What would you do then?
  4. Quote:
    What if you know for sure you have USB 2.0 and there are no USB settings in your bios? What would you do then?

    1. Beat my fists on the desk in rage :evil:
    2. Cry :cry:
    3. Post on the Tom's Hardware Forum :idea:

    EDIT: as part of number 3, I would include helpful information like what motherboard I have (HINT). :roll:
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