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Help! i've just reinstalled to Vista Premium and now my computer is working oddly on the internet. i'm connecting through a router (the router settings seem to be ok) but....

i cant connect to msn (error code 80048820) extended 80048412
i cant run windows update (error code 80072f8f) (sumthin to do with SSL?) but my time is correct and it still doesnt work.
i cant update the OS time (an error occurred while windows was synchronizing with
cant activate windows either... i've been looking through google all night and i cant find a solution... one thing that keeps popping up is something to with proxy servers ?(i dont know what they are...)? and making sure the time on my clock is right(which it is) can anyone help me?
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  1. just recapping your issues:

    1. can't connect to MSN.
    2. Windows update possibly SSL issue.
    3. OS Time when sync'ing to NTP server.
    4. Can't activate Windows.
    5. Proxy server?

    Well I'll try to help best I can:

    1. Is MSN your ISP or your browser? Try alternate browser if possible (IE, Firefox, etc).
    High-speed or dialup internet? If high-speed, what type, what provider.

    2. I don't have much experience with SSL, try making sure you're going to other websites that you know:, etc.

    In general, make sure that your computer is still able to get to the internet: try using the Dos Prompt (if it still exists) to A. ping your own computer; B. ping your router; C. ping or; D. from another working machine, ping or if step C didn't work, then from the Vista machine, ping that IP address.

    Also, I believe Windows Vista does not allow you to enter in your browser the link anymore (or so I heard). look for a Windows Update-like link in your start menu/programs, and try to run "WU" that way.

    3. Try to disable pulling time from the internet, and setting time manually, and also try to re-connect to the NTP server. An alternate NTP server you could also try is

    4. Can't help ya with that one. If you purchased it from an "Official Retailer" call MS and get help from them. If you otained it through "other means" then I have no idea where to start, as I haven't really used Vista yet.

    5. in IE7 or whatever browser you have, (IE specifically, if not IE, find the settings in hopefully a similar place) Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings. Check "Automatically Detect Settings" and then make sure that the "Use a Proxy Server..." box is unchecked to disable it.

    Good luck, let me know if any of the steps I had work! I'm curious to know if my XP skillz (read minimal skills :-P) translate to Vista without having used it.
  2. Thanks for your help.
    Ok so it's working now. the time was right but the date wasnt. the date was about 2 years ago so i altered that and now it's working. thanks again for trying to help me.
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