Upgrade from Windows Xp Pro to anything else?

Hey everyone. Im fairly new at upgrading windows, and was wondering if i can choose the upgrade windows part from a windows cd I downloaded and still be able to have all my setings. My windows seems to get crappier every day and was thinking it's time to start fresh, BUT i dont wanna lose everything i have. So is this possible at all?
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  1. Is it a"Brand" name machine, you know dell, compaq etc....?
    Do you have a, CD or DVD burner? If so burn a Copy of everything you dont want to lose!
    More after you respond back to this
  2. It;s a custom machine and i have over 40 GB's of stuff i dont wanna loose. So I was thinking if i used a recent windows OS and choose the upgrade option, if i were to be able to save all my programs and settings.
  3. If you try an "upgrade" it will tell you that you already have a later (smarter) version then is on the install disk!
    For at least a partial data level of safty if there is enough room on your hard drive to create another 50 gig partition, then copy all the stuff you dont want to lose onto it!
    Then you could wipeout C:Drive and do a Clean install, and you still have that DATA onthe other partition!
    I take it you have already did multiple cleanings (Viruses, spy's and Hijacker, Malware etc...)and edited msconfig? To try to bring the software back up to speed!
    And saving the programs is another pain, I take it you dont have all the install disks! What type of programs are you talking about?
    I take it you dont have an extra 60 gig sitting around anywhere!
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