2 x 8800GTS 320MB or Single 8800GTS 640MB!!!!!!!

hi will buy a new Video Card but i just want to know
it´s 2 x 8800GTS 320MB worth it or i just have to buy a single 8800GTS 640MB

I like to play all things in High and with 1600x1200 i have a 20.1 LCD
and with 45-60 FPS(i dont think a single 640MB could do it)
so i want to know if the Extra money for a second card worth it
i saw a 320mb version just for 273 dollars


and two of them for 545.98
i will play game like, crysis,stalker,fear,oviblion etc

Noob needing help
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  1. or you can take the 550 and get a 8800gtx. sli is overrated and very hard on the electrical bill.
  2. You can get a single 8800GTX for around $550.
  3. Yeah I second/third the other recommendations, get the GTX instead, that's the noticeble boost IMO, and worth more than the GF8800GTS-320 in SLi IMO.
  4. GTX and in a few months from now the GTX's will be less expensive when other DX10 cards from Nvidia and ATI comes out and then you could SLI 8800GTX right then.
  5. yeah, but if he is like me, there is nooooooo way he fits a gtx in his case. But one thing to consider is the 320's will only use 320mb of vram not the total 640 as they process the same info on both cards.
  6. whatever you choose make darn sure you have the psu to push it/them. All though if I were you I would try to hold off just a bit longer for the 8900's and r600.
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