No post, no beep, no nothing. Help!

After finishing up my installation, I double checked the connections, then connected the power supply to the power strip and tried to turn it on.

There were two pops and the fans turned on, but nothing else did.

Disconnected everything, checked to see if anything was hot, didn't see anything. There were no beeps. :(

I took out the RAM to see if I could force the mobo to beep and it still didn't.

I'm guessing I fried the motherboard What do you think?
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  1. Houston, I may have found the problem.

    Next time I build a computer, I'm NOT accidently using a screw instead of a standoff to mount a motherboard. That's probably where the popping sound came from (I didn't see any capacitors blow). The smell came from the screw and where it was mounted. It effectively grounded my motherboard.

    Now to hope I didn't fry my motherboard :)
  2. Ouch, that may turn out to be costly.
  3. Good news everyone. Just got it to post and currently monitoring temps in the BIOS!

    The RAM is all recognized, the HDs are recognized, mobo seemed unharmed.

    Thus far, everything seem normal. Now to figure out how to disable smart fan in the bios :)
  4. Dodged? More like got really lucky and the guy's shot was off :P
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