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I am buying a microATX mobo since it has built in graphics for my granddad. I know that it will fit in a regular ATX Mid tower. I was wondering about if I was to get a MicroATX Mid tower, would I have to get a microATX Power supply or could I use a standard ATX? Thank you, Justin.
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  1. Are there any good mATX power supply brands? I do not want to have to replace it every year. How could I tell if the mATX case could take a standard ATX power supply?
  2. I have a micro case and found it very nice haveing my silverstone Zeus 520w set up for a micro and still being a full size psu(stubby body and shorter wireing, not a bunch of wires to ty back).Mine has duel 12 volt rails ,one at 15amps the other at 16amps @375 watts.In the real world I'm wondering if it will support an 8800gtx 24/7(but I dont think gramps is going to be playin bf2 or anything).But to answer your question you should be fine in a mid case,just make sure it supports a full size psu as alot of them do.gl :D
  3. I dunno how much this applies but an option is the ultra micro fly. im using one as we speak and its a very solid case and power supply for 75 dollars. it comes with a pretty decent power supply but also allows for a full size power supply if you ever feel the need for an upgrade. its available at zipzoomfly.
  4. I'd get one of the large, old-style InWin Micro ATX cases that use a full-sized power supply.
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