Trouble with SP1 download =(

Yo guys! Im in a bit of trouble here would really apprecieate if some of u guys helped me out =) (!)

I bought a 200gb IDE HD a couple of days ago it have´nt arrived yet but when it does i suppect I wíll get some trouble :(

Have read about windows having problems to make partions (What do u call it in english? =) ) larger than 137gb.
And I suppect I will get this problem as well, So i thought i solve before I get the HD.

And evry where i looked they tell me i have 2 download sp1 in order to make it work.... And well that´s nice and lovely i guess....

It just one tiny problem, the computer I intead to put it in does´nt have a connetion 2 internet (Why most I live in a jungle?!). Well that´s disturbing but well not wery unsual problem to me, I just have to download a install file at some mates place I thought.
But it cant find anyway 2 download SP1 as a install file and i begin to suppect that it aint possible.

So my question is if there is anyway 2 dowload SP as install file or if there is any other way to go around the problem that i cant use all the space at my HD.

Sry for any bad english that might be in here =)
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  1. if you are on about sp1 windows xp, you can not just down load it, the old windows xp discs are service pack 1 and you have to down load service pack 2 from the internet. the new xp discs come complete with service pack 2 on them, as for the problem of you dont think it will partion, I have a 160gb hard drive with no partions on it, I wiped all the rubbish of it and just created the master partions so that I have one hard drive under C and it has no prblem with its size.

    if you are going to install the new hard drive and that is the only one you will have in your system, and what OS are you going to install.

    Win98 Win ME or XP XP Pro ?

    because when you install your new harddrive and then install windows xp it will have no problems in making it one hard drive of 200gbs, but if you want to partion it, you will have to follow the set up when you install XP.
  2. At the moment I got windows XP pro on the computer, sry bout that :oops:.

    I guess I could reinstall XP pro on the new HD, does´nt really matter 2 me which HD I got the OS on.

    So basically if I reinstall Windows Xp pro on the new HD and makes it master and put all the bites in one partion I will be able to use all the 200gb on the HD?

    Thx for helping out :D
  3. You can download it from the MS site
    You need the network installation. True it’s one big babe at 138mb but it should solve your problem.

    IMHO it is better that you get service pack 2.

    True it’s twice as big but since it’s your mate’s i-net connection………………….
  4. Quote:
    if you are on about sp1 windows xp, you can not just down load it, the old windows xp discs are service pack 1 and you have to down load service pack 2 from the internet.

    Huh 8O ?????
    You can download SP1 as the orginal XP came without it. SP1 was released after XP. I think the word "service pack" is a giveaway :twisted: duh

    After SP1 was released the new packages of XP were with SP1 integrated and ditto for SP2.

    If you have a choice best to get the pre SP1 xp distro as the OP has and then install the service packs.
    Why because there are some additional codecs that were taken out.
  5. K, guys thx for helping out. Will take a while before i can tackle this one but now at least i know what 2 do.

    thx m8s, cheer :D
  6. good luck :)
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