Overclocking the Athlon X2 Processor 5000 in this system

Can I do it with no problems? Anyone have any idea?

I would want to take the system to up above 3 ghz..
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  1. Well Worst case scenario since it is an Am2 processor, could I drop an Athlon 6000 into it down the road?
  2. They do have a 2 GB model at Best Buy for 779
    I do not do much gaming...just basic stuff..some battlefield 2, etc
    I need to power mostly for multitasking..
    The one good thing about circuit city is I can not pay them for 90 days and I will have my refund by then...
  3. If you're interested in overclocking, an OEM/retail system is not for you.


    If you're looking into an OEM/retail system, overclocking is not for you.

    Anyways, the 5000+ is a pretty fast CPU; you shouldn't need to overclock it. If you got that system with 2GB RAM and added a decent video card, you'd have a nice system that'll do pretty much anything with ease.
  4. Quote:
    Also, they are choking the hell out of that system using the wrong ram like that. AM2 needs at least ddr2 800 (pc26400).

    The performance difference can only be seen in a benchmark; you'd never be able to tell when using the computer. I'm using a Dell right now with an X2 3800+ AM2 and PC4200 RAM; it's about as fast as my 3700+ system with DDR400.
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