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Now, I have been considering migrating to XP Pro though there is a lot of little tweaks and hacks I got to do to get it to work as I expect an OS to work (I run 2k Pro Sp4 as my primary OS, so you know what I feel about XP. :P ) . So I might be posting a series of posts as I run into other little annoying things. So onto the first, shall we?

My Quick Launch box in Win2k Pro SP4 is above the Task Bar, like this.

Win2k Task Bar

Yet in WinXP Pro SP2 it stays on the left of the task bar, like this.

WinXP Task Bar

Which is highly annoying considering I *live* in the Quick Launch menu. Every one of the short cuts in 2k gets used, some more often than others, but, they do all get used. Can't do that while XP is being stubborn about it.

The system is an Athlon 1900+ on an Asus A7V333-X motherboard, 512mb of DDR 2300 memory, ATI Radeon 9600 video card, Seagate 160gb HDD (LBA is enabled, that was a treat to figure out and then fix. :P )

I have both OSes installed, Xp Pro SP2 is religated to being a back up OS in case 2k Pro Sp4 Final upchucks I can still access the NTFS partitions to back them up to reinstall Win2k (and yes, I do recopy the ntdetect and ntldr from the XP disc so it stays running.), both were fresh installs not upgrades, but backing up the data and wiping the partition and recreating them when I reinstall them, which ever one I happen to be reinstalling at that time, generally 2k Pro as XP Pro is rarely used.

So how do I get XP to do like 2k with Quick Launch location? Thanks!

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  1. Dont really see what the problem is. You still have access to all the quick launch icons, there just on two rows. Might try moving the divider to the right alittle. Other than that dont really know.
  2. Huh? No problem? See how many icons I normally use? Why I like it above and not to the left of the task bar. So how do I get it up and above and not to the side? Win2k does it automagically where Xp is being anal about it. :P

  3. Move the slider to the right to show the rest of the quick launch icons.
    Make sure the taskbar is unlocked first.
  4. XP can work the same as W2K, as seen below.

    Simply right click on the taskbar and Unlock. Now you can drag it where it needs to be.
  5. Right Click.
    Unlock your taskbar. (if not already)
    Drag the braile looking dots away from the start button to the desired position.
    (sorry if i offended anybody with that last step.)
    Lock the taskbar.
    You're done, pat yourself on the back.

    Any questions?
    PM me.
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