Dumb Question But I could use some help Wiring my network

Heres what I wanna do with out having to purchase any Wireless adapters. I have a generally small office. I currently have a speedstream 2624 and a linksys befw11s4 heres how my current network is set up Cable modem to speedstream 3 Destops to the Speed stream is assigning the DHCP's Have 4 additional computers i need to add I wanna add the linksys by connecting it to the last LAN port on the speed stream and have it go into the WAN port of the Linksys so i can hook my remaining 4 desktops to the linksys What is the best way or me to do this

The Default IP for the speedstream is Network Mask and the Linksys is Network Mask again i dont wanna spend anymore money so I wanna continue the wired portion into the linksys. Im sure I have confused you all now but if you need to clarify anything Please ask and Ill answer as best as possible
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  1. Hi,

    if you don't have any existing network wiring (the physical cable is called CAT5e, while the connector that fits into network cards and router is called RJ-45) running through the walls of your office, you're going to have to decide if you want to purchase cables long enough to get from desk to desk (this is usually untidy since it's running under doors, along walls, etc) if there is already wall jacks in your office that an ethernet cable can plug into, there is probably a jack in each area and an area in a utility or data room where there are multiple jacks where you could plug your router into.

    Either way, you may have to spend some money. Cheap wireless cards can be had for maybe 20-30 dollars a piece, although wireless security for a business can be an entirely different story.

    How much time and effort are you willing to make sure your users get connected? if the wall jacks aren't there, you can always have that done so that each user is wired in with no ugly wires running your halls.
  2. I already have a network in place using the speedstream router i wanna expand from that using the linksys router. and the office has drop down ceilings so the wiing is going to be conceiled im not worried about running wiring and what it looks like
  3. Sounds like you're trying to use the Linksys merely as a 5 port ethernet switch. There are a couple of problems with that. First, you'll need to disable the DHCP in the Linksys, otherwise you will be creating a new sub-net. Second, I do not believe that the Linksys can use the WAN port as the 5th port in an ethernet switch setup. Third, even if it could, the WAN port is only a 10BASE-T port, so your network performance would suffer between the two segments of your network. (Note: I don't actually KNOW about using the WAN port as an ordinary ethernet switch port, since I haven't used your particular Linksys router - it is quite old - obsolete actually).

    You can buy a Netgear 5 port 100BASE-T switch for 10 bucks or so. Get that.
  4. Normally you need to connect lan to lan, with DHCP turned off on the Linksys router.

    The problem you have going through WAN ports is that it seams to be a one way street. You can go out but other can not get in. I don't know if its a design problem but router have it. If you upgrade to a bigger switch move on up to gigabit one. You can now get 8ports for under $90 now.

    Don't forget to turn off the wireless in the Linksys if you are not using it, other wise someone may jump on you lan and have free reign.
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