Mount Laptop DVD in Desktop drive bay... Cant find caddy!

I KNOW that they make these... I found one a while back on Ebay. Then I lost it.

I am in great need of a caddy which fits 2 Laptop CD/DVD drives into 1 desktop 5.25" bay.

I have been looking for 2 days now, and cant figure out exactly what to call it- and I have found nothing on Ebay with all the terms I have tried.

Please- Somebody give me a link!
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  1. I found a bezel that will turn a 5.25 desktop bay into 2 slimline laptop bays. $28

    You will also need an adapter board for each slimline drive so they will accept desktop ide and power connectors.

    These can be had for $2-4 each.

    This would be useful for a micro PC with only 1 or 2 - 5.25" bays. :D
  2. There is also one I found from Plextor that looks really nice but is on their European website. I'm going to call my distributor to see if it's available in the US: And it comes with 1 drive. If I can get it I'm going to put them in our SFF systems that have only 1 external bay.

  3. And I found this one in an Ebay store that comes with adapters. Item #130251591719.
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